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Legend 8800 v Sugar Daddy the showdown

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Hey guys,

Ready... Fight !

I'm seeking advice as to what ski to buy for three weeks in Gulmarg, Kashmir in February. I've heard it is a really awesome place to ski, with lots of untracked, deep powder.

I weigh 70 kg and am 5'10 tall. I am using AT bindings on the ski that I buy, namely Fritschi Freeride Plus bindings.

I was weighting up b/t

167 cm 07 Legends as seen here http://www.Untracked.com/p1668-07_legend_8800.html

or 163 cm 06 Sugar Daddy's (The advantage seems to be price..)

What do you guys think?
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ajmit3, think the 167 Legends will be a little short (try a PM to powdercat at ski.com.au as he runs tours in Gulmarg). Good choice, but my Gulmarg skis will be:

Stoeckli Stormrider XXL @ 178cm (Fritschi Freeride+); and
Dynastar Legend 8800 @ 188cm (Marker Duke).

My stats - 185cm (6') & 85kg (190lbs).

The Legend 8800 will be a good choice, but IMO you will need to go longer for the deep pow. BTW, good to find you over here and welcome to Epicski
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Both those skis are way too short. I wouldn't go any shorter than a 178 and that's on the short side. I would also take two pair to anyplace as remote as Gulmarg. Get something a little fatter for your second pair.
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I'm about your size. What has been said before hits the bull's eye, both are WAY too short. Go at least 180 or more.

The 8800 and Sugar Daddys are entirely different skis - if your main objective is to ski pow the definitely get the SD. More flotation but still well carveable on hardpack with good edgehold and maneuverability. Neither one is a lightweight ski designed specificly for AT.

Go over to the TGR board and PM Mtnlion (he very occasionally posts here too). Beg him for some used Heli Daddys (=SD with straight tail) in a 180 lenght, about US$ 200.- for a mint pair and you're all set. That's what I did. Good luck.
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Probably a better comparison to the 8800 (117/89/110) would be the Snoop Daddy (127/88/113). I demoed the Snoop at JH and skiied fresh and skiied out powder, when the powder gets skiied out the Sugar Daddy is too much. I liked the Snoop however, I probably wouldn't want to own it for 2-3 seasons because of the cap ski construction and the foam core. I don't think it would hold up to my 220# frame.

Go longer by any means.

Check this out.

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Thanks guys,
I've PM'ed Mtnlion for some Heli Daddy's..Hope he gets back to me, if not I'm definitely going for some Legend 8800's in a longer length, they look alright for $479..
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No matter what - as already said here consider bringing 2 pairs, one of them with a 100ish waist rather than just 1 midfat. The second can be a 80ish waisted hardpack ski.
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I have both Mythic Riders (this season's replacement for the 8800's) and Sugar Daddies. They are completely different skis. If you can only take one, take the 8800's because they are far more versatile. If you must ski hardpack, you will still be OK on the 8800's. But if you find waist deep powder, you will be happier on the Sugar Daddies.
And I agree with folks saying you are going too short. I weigh 155 lbs. (is that 70 kgs ?) and ski both in longer lengths than you are talking about.
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I ski the 8800 in a 178cm length.
I'm 5'7" and 180lbs. This length
is perfect as an all-mountain ski
but for pure, untracked pow I'd
go longer.

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I just saw a great deal for the Rossignol Scratch Sprayer BC Alpine Ski, what does everyone think, has anyone riden on these things ? The 88m waist looks good..

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