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Where to ski in late march early april?

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I have been trying to find out which resort in the US has the best late season skiing. An old buddy of mine are planning a family get together but our schedules only allow late march or early april. Can anyone suggest some resorts that usually has some good resort type family friendly skiing at that time. Thanks for any input. GD
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Most places in the west. Late March can bring warmer weather, but generally you're ok in most places. It can even be the best time of year - 100% of terrain open, Spring Break wrapping up, a chance for a foot of powder overnight and warm temps during the day.

Having said that, higher elevations tend to fair better. If 'early April' means the second week of April, then I'd strongly urge you to look at higher elevations. It's amazing how quickly conditions can go to sh*t. So, here's my short list of places I'd consider for that sweet spot in the skiing year:

1. Colorado - Copper, A Basin (less family oriented), Breckenridge
2. Utah - Brighton/Solitude/Snowbird (all of which are less family oriented). I'm not as familiar with Park City that time of year.
3. California - Tahoe/Mammoth
4. BC - Whistler
5. Montana - Big Sky/Moonlight

That's a pretty nondescript list.
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Try this link out.
At the top of the list are Mt. Bachelor & Mammoth.
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Winterpark Colorado.
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SLC is the place to go. Consider renting a condo at Brighton or staying at Alta, but Brighton is probably better for family trip. Salt Lake wins for snow and salt lakes north facing slopes can be nice and crisp at that time depending no weather, also snow is still falling in late March/early April. (just like mid-winter until it tails off mid April).
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Good comments from the others. There are definitely some higher elevation resorts in UT, CO, CA, OR and western Canada known for better late spring conditions. As suggested, search this site by username: Tony Crocker
This will give you very definitive info on this subject; for example here's one relevant old thread containing his input: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...t=april+skiing
with a link to more info:

Plain old good luck with favorable weather on you specific trip date is always nice too. For example, I experienced great conditions the second week of April 2007 at Keystone, Loveland and Arapaho Basin, Colorado. Details: http://www.dcski.com/ubbthreads33/ub...te_id/1#import
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hey guys thanks for the replies. i am checking out the links and suggestions. mr crocker has some good info. thanks again. i think i have enough info to make a decision. GD
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For those wondering...

we are heading to mammoth. the above links and suggestions led to excellent info. thanks to those who replied.
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Originally Posted by MJB View Post
Winterpark Colorado.
2nd. Never had a bad day in either month.
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Check out the above website. Tony is awesome in the research he does. I have never gone wrong following his advice. I too went to Summit Co. Colorado in April of 2007. We only got to ski 3 of the 5 areas we planned on visiting due to heavy snowfall. (We were afraid to drive to the two farthest and used the excellent bus system that the county has in place.)
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For family oriented, guaranteed lots of snow, fun town nearby, it is very hard to beat Mt. Bachelor, OR and Bend. IMO, their season doesn't really begin until late March/early April. Best spring corn I've skied anywhere, though you'll have to wait until late April/May for that. Having now lived in CO for 3 years, I would definitely NOT count on late season conditions being outstanding here....
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Arapahoe Basin
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