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Dynastar vs Dynastar

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Currently I ride the Volkl 5 star's and brought them to Mamouth and SNowbird with me last year. It was the latter where we got 8 feet of snow through the week and I demo'ed ski's as the Volkl's just were not up to that much powder skiing. So - I fell in LOVE with the Dynastar Legend Mythic's. Absolutely had a blast in the powder, and through the day as trails got packed and the mogal runs grew to epic proportions, they gave me tons of confidence. Off trail, no problem - drops, trees - they are a great ski... except the price!

Now we are planning our trips out west again and I don't want to demo ski's the entire time. I will either sell the Volkl's or keep them as my east coast ski. The question here is:

How do the Dynastar Nothing But Trouble compare to the Ledgend Mythics? I realize the prior lends to the newbies and parks, but with off trail skiing and the drops, is there much difference? Not to mention I love the mogal runs. I did demo the Gotamas last year and thought they were also a great powder ski, but once the snow got hard, they were WAY to light! Almost dangerous on the extreme steep bumps. They chattered everywhere. I went back inside by that time and grabbed my 5-stars.

Looking forward to your responses
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he said Gotama's had flaws.

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The NBT is not in the same league as the Mythic. While OK for moderate speeds, bumps etc., it won't hold up to very agressive skiing. When you find the ski that pushes your buttons the way the Mythic apparently did, it is not wise to take a second hand opinion about something that is "just as good" because then you are allowing someone else's opinion to override your own.

If you absolutely insist on playing the deal game, and buying something that you haven't tried.....the Big Trouble is closer to the Mythic than the NBT or the regular TM. This begs the question though...why did you bother demoing an '08 ski??

It seems to me that folks demo skis in order to find one that is the best fit for them. That's what you did, and you found it.

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