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WaPo: bikes on front page

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As Web Fuels Bike Thefts. . .

He soon discovered that the police department had lost the report he filed when the bike was stolen.
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Some real fine police work there:.
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Yeah, he even had a GPS locator on the bike and never got it back
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Dude riding around today on a Lightspeed, offering it for sale. A friend estimated it was worth $6000 the way it was set up. I know so many people who have nice bikes that they got for $50 in the park. It makes me sick, but I don't know what to do.

I've lost three bikes to thieves.
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Need one of these on there every day:

Should we be grateful there's no ski gear market here?
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Don't be so sure.. this is from 2003 but I'm pretty sure it's still happening.
I almost bought skis from this guy on Ebay, but did not like his answers to my questions. I was contacted by the Newburyport police asking if I had purchased from the seller based on Ebay records of my emails to him. The seller claimed that he was injured skiing, thus the sale- but he had 9 or 10 pairs of skis listed at one time. They were anything from popular race skis and twin tips of various sizes which made me suspicious. I removed the names from the article as I am unsure if they were convicted or not.

CONCORD, N.H. -- Police in Massachusetts say they have nabbed a pair of
young men who were selling skis stolen from New Hampshire resorts.

They caught the two when a victim spied his stolen boards for sale on e-Bay. Bxxxx Hxxxxxxxx of Newburyport, Mass., and Rxxxxx Wxxx, of Boston, are each charged with three counts of receiving stolen property. Police said the two 21-year-olds were selling skis stolen at the Gunstock, Waterville Valley, Cannon and Loon ski areas.

They think the pair netted about $5,200 through 17 e-Bay transactions since January.
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SJB, out of curiosity, do you think the victim, seller or purchaser is MOST likely to hang out on epic?

(we should do a poll).
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