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Where to?

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Me and the gf want to go skiing somewhere Christmas break. Somewhere between Dec. 10th and the 22nd. I was originally looking at Breckenridge but my buddy there isn't going to be able to give us a place to stay this year so thats out of the question. So now my question is where should we go out west that will be great skiing/snowboarding that isn't going to kill my wallet on hotel and lift tickets. Ill even consider going to canada. The plane ticket isn't that much of a deal because ill be using credit card points.
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Grand Targhee usually runs a pre-Christmas promotion where they will throw in a free Snowcat skiing day with a 3 night lodging/ticket package. This works out to be a great deal IF the snow conditions are good and the snowcats are running. I understand there is no refunds/rainchecks given. Combining that with a few days in Jackson sounds like a pretty good trip to me.
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I will have to take a look at that place. Ive been to jackson and loved it. I wouldn't mind going back again. I wish i could just find a cheap $100 night mom and pop hotel to stay in at these places. Unfortunately thats hard to find. I might just end up camping out.
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Salt Lake is a bargain ski if you stay in town, with the greatest snow on earth and never-endering terrain at 10 resorts. Stay in Midvale at La Quinta for a $65/night room(or in Sandy, Super 8 etc) with breakfast and $53(approx) lift ticket bought at desk, great place to go in December, best conditions on average at that time of year(or anytime really), rental car $30/day, and ski 1/2 day on your way in or out from most places. you can even ski for free your first half day in the afternoon at a park city resort!
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agree with snowbirdevotee. There are endless opportunities for under $100 a night in town, even in Sandy and nearby. We stayed at the Crystal Inn in Midvale last year (around $100 a night, maybe 120?) and it was better than basic I would say. It includes a full breakfast AND dinner, which no one usually offers. On bus route I think? We rented a car though.
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Well renting a car is a problem with me being only 20. I would assume many of these places would have bus systems or shuttles at hotel.
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well ive been reading and it seems like alta and snowbird are a good way to go. Anyone have any input on where to stay. Im interested to hear peoples input on where to stay. Im very unfamiliar with this area so any info would be appreciated. Ive been researching hotels and it looks like if i stay in snowbird it will be at cheapest $179 a night and if i stay outside of snowbird it will be cheapest around $69. My only problem is getting to the resort easily without a car since i cant rent one.
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If car is aproblem, I would recommend staying in Canyon. Look at Snowbird's website as they're running some early season specials. Not sure how close to Christmas they go, but worth a look.
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Originally Posted by skiguy15 View Post
My only problem is getting to the resort easily without a car since i cant rent one.
Yes you can. Shop around. Often there's just an extra (small) fee you have to pay.
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Originally Posted by vinn View Post
Yes you can. Shop around. Often there's just an extra (small) fee you have to pay.
I stand corrected!

I looked into renting a car and as long as you are 21 then you can rent a car. Although there are extra fees but thats not a big deal to me. A friend who is going with us is 21 so the rental car is a done deal. Were going to pick up a jeep liberty 4x4 at $300 for the week. Would i be ok to go with a car instead of suv?

Also looked into lift tickets and if i purchase before 9/13/07 i can get them for $45 a day from what ive read.

As far as hotel the La quinta in midvale doesn't sound bad and for $62 a night i think its a good deal. SnowbirdDevotee how is the la quinta? Any other places in town that might be better?

Is staying at midvale a better option than staying in sandy or salt lake?
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