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Head 2003 World Cup Slalom (non ti?)

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Anyone skied this ski? I can get a great deal on it in 170 length, I am not sure if that is going to be overkill for this ski or not. This is the 2003 World Cup, non ti model. My other options at this price are Atomic 9.12 in 150, K2 Mach S in 167, Atomic 9.16 in 170cm. Looking for a versatile ski for training and all-mountain use.
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what ski? what model year?see

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This is the 2003 World Cup Slalom, I didn't see it posted on Head.com though. It is a non-ti model, which isn't posted on that website. I don't think it has the ichip, I could be wrong. I am trying to get more info on this ski, since I can't find info on it anywhere. A guy is selling it locally after some spring racing, and there aren't any Head dealers to ask either.


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What do the skis look like? A cap construction or laminate (sidewall) ski? Is there a turn radius listed on the top sheet? White and black like this years or silver like the 2003? I have the 2002 race stock GS skis which are round tip and black sidewalls.

This is the link for 2003 skis


link for 2002 race skis.

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Thanks for the link. The ski is the Worldcup i. SL in 170cm. Sorry about the confusion. Opinions as to how this would be for a 155 lb expert with solid carving skills looking for a versatile ski that does (in order of importance) hard snow carving mid-radius turns at moderate speed, fall line, gates, some GS stability if I wish? I figure the ski is going to be great for most of the things listed above, I am just worried about the length being a bit much.

Here is the ski link:
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Hey Dawg
I've got a shop near me in North Seattle/Everett with a bunch of last years race skis for sale. \
The have Head World Cup SL and the World Cup (non-Ti) race carver ski. I think the Race carver would be a good ski for you.
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Could you give me their phone number? Also, what do you think about length? The guy who has this ski said it is softer than last year's ti, although it is listed on head.com as next years slalom carver, I am not sure if it was their pure race ski or more versatile carver. If 170 is probably good for a race carver, then I would buy it, as the price is unbeatable. I would be interested to hear what shop in Seattle has Head's on sale, it is only a 5 hour drive for me.

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I ski the World Cup SL Ti this years model in a 170. The ski will ski in about any eastern condition and has changed my skiing dramatically ( confidence and carving skills). The 170 is great for me, but I'm 6', 220lb.
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The iSL is their Slalom race ski. The Race carver last years Head world (non-Ti)or this years iRace may be the better ski for you. But the ISL is a good ski too.

Store website has phone number driving instructions but not much more. Maybe tax free with Oregon drivers licensein washington?

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Yeah, tax free if you can convince them to fill out a form. I will look for the race carver if I can, I would like as much versatility as possible.

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