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Are my new boots too small?

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I just got back from Colorado ski & golf with a new pair of size 27.5 Lange Fluid 100's. I'm a little hesitant about them though...

About me: 6'1, 250 lbs, expert skier. I like charging down steeps then blasting high speed turns down the groomers. I need a boot that can be comfortable enough for the hike up to the fun stuff, but can still hold me during a carve. I'm coming from a 10? year old pair of Salomon evolution 9's. I easily outflex those boots. They collapse mid turn, but the fit used to be great. Unfortunately, I wore sandals for a summer and now my feet no longer fit.

about my feet: I have large calfs, they measure 15.5 inches at the top of my shin in the boot. slightly high arch, medium heel, slightly wide forefoot. lots of pronation. unweighted size is 10.5 length and 11.5 arch in the right foot, weighted is just over 11.5 length and a 12.5 arch. Left foot is 10 length and 11 arch unweighted and a 11 length and 12 arch weighted. (scared yet? hello? still there?) The boot fitter only measured my unweighted foot. shouldn't he have checked my weighted size as well?

Anyway, in the new boots my toes are curled at the front of the boot pre flex. At full flex only my big toe touches. There isn't pressure there, but I can tell it is still touching. In my old boots my toes didn't touch at all during full flex and only slightly touched when standing straight. Which is right?

My pinky toe and the top of my foot preceding it is not comfortable in these boots at all. (note: the pad of my foot buldges out about 1mm or so from the rest of my foot right before my little toe.) It feels like someone put a heavy book on top of my foot then slightly squished them from the side. The bootfitter said that it will take time for the foam to pack out and provide more room for me, and that they can punch more room in the toebox for me. I know they can punch the shell to provide more room for width, but height? He talked about grinding the bottom of the condensed foam piece that fits below the liner, but after inspecting the boot, there is a channel down the middle of the boot for that piece. My liner rests on the plastic part of the bottom of the boot. Are they actually able to grind that down? We already put denser foam on the top of my pinky toe and heat molded the liners. It helped a little bit, but the toe box is still very uncomfortable.

I'm also getting some pressure on the top of my foot as well which is causing some serious arch pain after wearing the boots for a while. the moment I put my foot into the boot the pad of my foot feels like I'm standing on it, but my heel pad is unweighted. Packing out might help this?, but it doesn't feel like there is much padding at the top of the boot to pack out. Again, can you grind the bottom of the inside of a boot? I have tried the boot without any footbed, and there is still a fair amount of pressure on the top of my foot, but not enough to cause my arches to hurt. (note: my small toes still hurt without any footbeds)

Right now I'm wondering if the boots are too small, and is it worth all the custom work it is going to take to get these boots to fit right? I tried on a salomon xwave 8 in size 28, and they felt great. maybe a bit loose after they pack out, but great. I didn't take them because they felt really soft and mushy to me. The xwave 10 felt like a good flex and they fit about the same as the 8, but there was a major pressure point on the inside part of my shin at the top of both boots. (right where the liner overlapped.) I mentioned this to the fitter, but he seemed to think that the lange would be the better way to go.

What do you guys think? should I stick with this boot and go through all the custom work or is it better to try and find a better fit with another boot. (I tried about 8 or 9 different boots today) Any recoomendations?

Thanks for the help, and sorry for the long post. If pics of my feet will help, let me know and I'll post em up.
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I've sent you a bit more detail by PM, but I'll state this much here: given the challenges that you have in terms of your feet and your physiology, I think that you need the services of one of the true boot specialists that are available (many of whom are in the group of folks who will be posting answers on this forum!). Although it will undoubtedly increase your out-of-pocket costs, there is no doubt in my mind that the result will be worth the time and effort to get it right. It has been for me, hands-down.
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Probably don't need feet pics, but it could help if you stated what size you actually measured when at the store and what size shoe you measure. Note, not what size you wear, what size you measure.

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Probably don't need feet pics, but it could help if you stated what size you actually measured when at the store and what size shoe you measure. Note, not what size you wear, what size you measure.
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by what size I measure and what size shoe I measure, but the bootfitter put me into a size 27.5 lange boot.
The unweighted size of my right foot on a brannock device is 10.5 length and 11.5 arch, weighted is just over 11.5 length and a 12.5 arch.
Left foot is a 10 in length and a 11 arch unweighted, and a 11 length and 12 arch weighted.
I can't remember exactly, but I think I measured a d in width on my right foot. I can't remember my left foot, but I doubt it's much different. I'll try to drop by a store later today and verify my width though.

Thanks again for the help.
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Shoe Brannock? (black), boot Brannock?? (red), Lange Brannock??? (blue)

Given a full size difference in measurements (regardless of the instrument) you have challenges that probably cannot be addressed on the internet. I think you need to find the right fitter, start with the bare foot inside the shell (probably on a spreader). The fitter will know what he can and can't do by looking at your foot inside the empty shell. There is a lot of space that can be created via grinding and punching but you may or may not be starting with the proper raw material. FWIW the Fluid boot is pretty wide across the forefoot but only medium in instep height.

Find a fitter.

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You answered my question. Certainly your larger foot would be tight in a 27. I usually say 27 up to about 10.5 maybe 11, but beyond that is a stretch. which is something yo are going to have to consider.

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It sounds like coming from an Evolution Salomon to a downsized performance boot, you are taking a rather big step. I too have a foot that measures 11.5 on a brannock and can ski in a 27.5 shell in a few models where some I need to go to a 28.5 shell. In the current boot you are talking about you will most definitely need some shell grinding and stretching (not a bad thing) which is just part of the price you pay to get comfortable in a higher performance boot.
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remove the liner, insert your footbed, slide your foot to the correct possition on the footbed, and then move the footbed, and your foot to the front of the boot with the toes lightly touching (weighted)

now how much room do you have behind your heel and the shell of the boot?
5 - 15mm is about right.

now with that kind of fit in a boot, find the most comfortable on that you can. but make sure that the shell fit is right first.

plus all the other stuff that everyone else said
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Thanks for all the replies. I decided to move up to a size 28, I'd rather feel my feet than get every ounce of performance. In the 27.5 I could get 1-1.5 fingers behind my foot without the liner, now I get a solid 2. Soooo much more comfortable, but still tight enough that packing out won't make the boots flop around. I still have some minor issues with the new boots, but I think I'll go see a fitter after they pack out a bit.

Thanks again!
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OOOops, I think you went too big! IMO
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Originally Posted by bud heishman View Post
OOOops, I think you went too big! IMO
Mine, too. That boot is a freeride boot in the middle of Lange's range. You've now got a "comfort fit" as opposed to a "performance fit" which is what you had before.

BTW, you didn't actually get a half size bigger. Shells come in full size increments with the half size taken up by footbed thickness (usually) and/or liner (sometimes). So, you have a 27.5 or a 28.5 shell.
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sorry, too big.
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