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loose buckles

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Guys, I'm in Nordica GrandPrix S boots from about 8 years ago. I've got custom footbeds in them and a few heel pads in areas that are getting packed out. I like to ski them with the buckles real loose as it gives me more ankle flex and a better feel for the snow. I played semi pro hockey for many years and always wore my skates loose for the same reason. I could flex from the ankle and really carve into the ice. Gave me a shorter turning radius. I hate the thought of buying new boots but really think that towards the end of this year, I might have to.

I really would like some input on some boots to try that might have a similar feel. The new Nordicas just don't feel the same. Too narrow and stiff. I have a fairly wide foot with a high instep. I also have a big calf muscle and i'm 5'9" so a boot with a high cuff is no good as it pinches. I'm smart enough to know that I for sure will fit the boots myself, but any brand and models you steer me too will save me much time.

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Wel, I have a wide foot with a high arch and large calfs. I ski the Doberman and some of the time I use just the booster.
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Semi pro hockey player I would love to see you ski.
Loose boots are a geat sign you are skiing well also. I ski in a AT boot in walk mode you don't get much looser than that. I appologise but I know Nordica has two lasts one narrow and one wide I believe it is the Dobi Pro that is the wider you may want to try that.

If the old shell is not toast, you can test it by placing it on a hard smooth flat surface and if it sits flat squarly and does not act like a rocking chair you may want to consider just new liners. The Zip Fit is such a nice feel you can lace up the liner as well which allows for even more loose buckles.
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Thanks guys. I'll check out the Zit Fits first when it comes to that but knowing myself, will check out the Dobies too.

And, congratulations on this new forum as well as your participation. I think it's going to become another great improvment to our forums.
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Agree with Mosh that you probably ski well and loose boots can work great. It sounds as if you get the soft feel in your boots from wearing them loosely rather than from the actual flex in the boot.

That said it is still possible that many of the stiffer race boots feel to stiff for you. Many shops sell only rec race boots and do not bring in the true race boot the manufacturers make for race kids and WC racers. Many times these boots are made in fairly soft flexes that may work for you.

Tecnica comes to mind as they make their 98mm lasted boot down to a 90 flex in adult sizes.

Is it possible there is a store near you that works closely with local racers?
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Maybe Dobie 110 with the 98mm last and lower cuff.
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