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Summertime Dreaming

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OK, This summertime lull is a great time to do next season's dreaming!

Here is your chance to share with the rest of us your dream ski vacation!

Vacation Limitations:

1. Three weeks or less
2. Expenses within reason
3. Skiing must be on one continent

It's wide open from there. ...Let your imagination go wild!!

Good Luck [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The 1 continent bit was the tough one, so I'll give a couple of answers...

Week 1 Val d'Isere. Best party town around, and great skiing. A nice warm up.
Week 2 Zermatt. Get the high stuff in along with some serious powder, but take it easier on the socialising.
Week 3 St Anton. Should have my skiing legs by then, and be ready for a few more beers. This is the "go for it" week. Push well beyond my limits.

Week 1 Whistler. One of the best party towns outside Europe. And great skiing.
Week 2 Fernie. Well, you guys seemed to like it earlier this year
Week 3 Kicking Horse. I've heard great things about that place.

Week 1: Breckinridge.
Week 2 & 3 Winter Park & Berthoud Pass.


P.S. Can I choose my company?
Bad Rat, Bob Barnes, Cheeky Carver, Dangerous Brian, Gonzo, IceQueen, Jane, LM, Nettie, Nolo, Ryan, SCSA, Skierdude, Sugar... (I'm sure I've left some out, so apologies)
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For next year it would be the Bears ski clinic/gathering followed by a week in Jackson Hole
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North America


Three weeks in the Selkirks, Monashees, and Bugaboos. CDN: $25,000 easy.

That's reasonable, isn't it? Legend has it there are people who don't bat an eyelid at the cost. Do you think they're as happy as you?
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I would doubt if they're as contented as me.

I've never skied any of your choices Nolo. Maybe I will one day.
Let's see 25k CAN = 12k STG, which is roughly 6 weeks skiing for me. All I need is a rich young lady with a terminally ill father who is leaving her all his inheritance.

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3 weeks at a slopeside condo at Deer Valley with a different Bogner outfit every day!
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Wellllllll I'm just excited to go to Vail this December. They have a 10 day ski package thingy for like $319. I'm savin' my cash and takin' 2 weeks to Vail for my first college X-mas break. Mom and Dad are THRILLED with it lol. Lemmie tell ya'. But I DO have a friend with a home outside of Vail, in Aurora or Edwards I can't remember. Hey anytime with skis on my feet and snow underneath is a dream for me! Hey I'll take 'em when I get 'em! I'll prolly end up not eating for about 10 days this December, wonder which days THOSE will be?? lol Hey it's all good I'll take fresh powder over food anyday lol. Man, I'm such a junkie. Hey it's the ONLY way to be tho right?! Oh yeah you guys should check this package thing out it's a great deal. 10 days of skiing, only 1 has to be before Jan. 1 and you can take them however you want I believe. The back bowls open on the 13th I think in Vail. I hear they're backcountry with lifts, and no fears of slides. Welp I'm gonna go check it out some more and do some adding up on what i need to save to go. Hopfully less than 1k. peace.
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It'd be a roadtrip with good folks who're up for it. (And Fox, thanks. I'm honored.)

Mammoth to Utah
Utah to Wyoming
Wyoming to Montana
Montana to British Columbia

edit: and, for the "park my ass" option, i WOULD consider a variation on milesb's, and find a nice slope-convenient room in park city, rent the appropriate vehicle and hop back and forth, depending on conditions, between DV, AltaBird, Snowbasin, and maybe check out Bob's hill there at Sundance.

nolo, yes, were i able to not bat an eye at that kind of ski splurge, i'd be happier. in a soul-satisfying way? i don't know. in an "i can ski whenever wherever i want" kind of way? absoBLEEPBLEEPlutely.

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The two North American "dream trips" that I'm planning to make this winter:

Using Quebec City as a base, I'll ski one day each at Mont Sainte-Anne, Le Massif, and Le Massif du Sud, with some night skiing at Stoneham on the day of my arrival. Although none of these mountains rate as monsters in the "total ski acreage" department, they're all very fun hills with lots of personality. Combine that with the wonderful restaurant/cafe possibilities in Quebec City (and some French-Canadian ski bunnies), and this is a fun weekend.

I'm vacillating between two Montana-based trips:
1) Fly into Kalispell and ski Big Mountain and Turner Mountain, then head north and hit Panorama, Kicking Horse, Sunshine (or Lake Louise), and Fernie.
2) Fly into Bozeman and ski Big Sky, then to Discovery, Maverick, Great Divide, Snowbowl, and Bridger.
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My dream vaction starts in Calgary. I like to ski to 1 PM or so each day and then I am ready to think about the next days plans, so here are the details.

Rent a Volvo Cross Country and head for the mountains.
Plan to be first in line each day.
Plan to travel to the next resort each afternoon.
Resorts in Capitols WILL be skied regardless of weather.
Plan to stay in places where it is homey and I get to mix with other skiers overnight.(Cheap!)

Day 1 - Sunshine Village
Day 2 - Kicking Horse
Day 3 - powder springs
Day 4 - silver star
Day 5 - Sun Peaks
Day 6 - Whistler
Day 7 - Blackcomb
Day 8 - cypress bowl/grouse mtn.
Day 9 - mt. washington
Day 10 - manning pk.
Day 11 - Big White
Day 12 - Red Mountain
Day 13 - Whitewater
Day 14 - Fernie
Day 15 - Kimberley
Day 16 - panorama
Day 17 - lake louise
Day 18 - Marmot Basin
Day 19 - Nakiska/fortress
Day 20 - wintergreen/cop
Day 21 - Catch a flight back home with one of those big exhausted grins that you get after you complete something that is exhausting but well worth it!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Here is my dream trip: Rockies Ripper , plus a few extra days at The Lake for tuning and lessons. Booked and all set to go for Feb 21/2003. Still room for more, even you WTFH
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Looks like a decent deal, especially if that's in Canadian dollars. Big question: it talks about transportation being included, but I assume that means "ground transportation" (not airfare).
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Originally posted by Britton:
The back bowls open on the 13th I think in Vail.
The Back Bowls are scheduled to open on 12/13, that doesn't mean they will! You better start praying for snow. Colorado is due for a good year, it would seem. How's the El Nino looking for this winter? [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'm sure some will disagree, but Vail without the Back Bowls ain't much.

You're right about the $319 thing, though. That's a great deal. Some poor schmucks will be paying ~$70/day for lift tickets.
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Yes that fantastic deal is in C notes. that would be about what 5 and change American? Right now I can get air for about $550. LOOK OUT ALBERTA AND BC HERE I COME!!! (west coast virgin)
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One week: the Bears gathering and clinic. Whip my sorry butt into shape and screw up my courage to learn how to ski western powder right. I drop something like 3 levels when I'm skiing IN snow instead of ON it like the good old N.E. ice. Gotta get over that.

Another week: Definitely back to the Canadian Rockies for me I got a nice taste of Sunshine and Louise but would like more. And if I did manage to figure out the pow, maybe back to Fernie to really ski it this time. Check out some of the other places like Panorama and Kimberly that we drove past but didn't ski last year.

Then over to Whistler cause I haven't been there in winter for a couple of years and I always enjoy it.

Hopefully timing this so that my high-school-age daughter in Florida could come up for about a week of it during school vacation.

Or else I talk her non-skiing mom into why a ski trip is a good reason to play hooky...

Meanwhile somebody else convinces my boss...
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Actually, $579 CDN comes out to $380 US -- pretty reasonable. I would definitely cash in a Delta FF award for this one, as flights from NYC to Calgary fall into the $450-500 range (it's far cheaper to fly to the Alps). I've never been on an organized tour in my life... always preferred to do things on my own... but the idea of a) not having to do the logistics legwork b) not having to drive between resorts, and c) having a bunch of people to ski with IS tantalizing.

The only thing which gives me pause is the big gaping hole in the itinerary, namely Kicking Horse. I'm curious why the tour company would omit that monster. People around the world are salivating at the thought of skiing there, especially considering that they're installing a new lift this summer that'll open up a bunch of new terrain. I would also gladly trade one of the days at Fernie for a day at Panorama.

Oh well, I guess that I could fly in on Friday night, rent a car and drive up for two days at Kicking Horse, and then come back and join the group in Banff.

I'm taking this one under advisement.
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Originally posted by MarkXS:
...Meanwhile somebody else convinces my boss...
Tell your boss to come over here and give me some personal training advice!

I'll distract her, and you go skiing, and we'll call it evens.

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Pack the Bogner, it's time for Europe!

3 days: St. Moritz
3 days: Engelberg
6 days: Interlaken - Jungfrau region
3 days: Gstaad
3 days: Zermatt
3 days: Chamonix
Departing flight leaves from Paris. Go to Paris and spend few hours in Louvre.
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I was in louvre once. (sigh...)
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Just got off the phone with Giddy Goat and guess what; there is a three day add on for Whitewater, Panarama and ready for this, KH. As soon as things are final on thier end, I will be changing my three days at the Lake for it. Your right about all the good points, no leg work, no driving, and the best 20 other people to party and rip with. Hooked yet?
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat ?:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by MarkXS:
...Meanwhile somebody else convinces my boss...
Tell your boss to come over here and give me some personal training advice!

I'll distract her, and you go skiing, and we'll call it evens.

</font>[/quote]At least someone understands the natural order of things!

Absolute fantasy, for some reason, don't know why since I've never been there, been thinking about Les Trois Vallees.

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A very valid place to ski LM.

WTG why did you leave out Val d'Isere?

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