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As many EpicSki Members and Supporters know, the various threads that Jeff Bergeron has started and attempted to maintain over the past few years have been very useful and appreciated. However, he's had difficulty keeping up with the requests due to his schedule.

During the off-season, Bud Heishman, mosh, and a few other boot specialists started a Boot Fitters forum. Given the number of true specialists that it has attracted, we've opened this forum for the membership to get access to them.

The forum has been set up with special permissions: any member or Supporter can start a thread. That same member or Supporter can respond to their thread (so that they can answer questions that the specialists may have for them). No other member or Supporter can post into their thread other than the members of the boot specialists group.

We hope that this proves to be very valuable and useful to all of you. Feel free to share your comments in the Community forum.