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Roof top box storage

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My son wants to get a Thule or comparable box and does not have room to store it flat anywhere. Not possible to use the lift storage systems that Thule and others make either.

Is there some other way to store these boxes vertically and not damage them? Some kind of a wall bracket?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I hang mine from hooks in the ceiling of my garage. Pretty simple operation. Seems like it would work just as well on a wall.
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Heh, I was going to be posting the same question in the near future. I was wondering about wall mounting too. I do not have the ceiling space.
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I'd imaging that you could use bungees and secure it to a wall. Just use make sure it's closed and you use enough and tight enough so it doesn't warp. Plastic will have "memory" and you wouldn't want to compromise the lid/seal fit. My box is pretty water proof.
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