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Return to Big Mountain

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About 45 years ago, my parents gave me my first exposure to mountain skiing with the first of what would be many trips out west. We boarded the Empire Builder at Union Station in downtown Chicago and made our way out to Whitefish to spend some time at Big Mountain. Looking at the pic's in Telski's thread about Big Mountain gets me thinking that it's time to return to my "roots" and maybe replace one trip to Copper with a visit back to Big Mountain.

Somehow, I suspect that the resort has changed a bit in 45 years (Gee, d'ya think so? ), so some questions to the MT bears and others that have been to Big Mountain recently.

Any recommendations for places to stay? If the family comes along? Best time of the year to ski? Anyone heard what the best guesstimate will be for the coming season's snowfall? Any other thoughts, general recommendations to pass along?

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I never guess about snowfall. Normally the best conditions would be early February. We are getting a new high speed quad where Glacier Chaser (Chair one) used to be and using the old high speed quad to replace Chair Two. Both of those lifts will be moved a bit lower down the hill to provide easier access from the parking lots and in preparation for a new village. The "main lodge" is now where the Outpost used to be.

I used to recommend the Hidden Moose Lodge without reservation, but I personally haven't stayed there in four years, so I think that recommendation is kind of out of date. They have great breakfasts and are more of a B&B than a hotel.

We still have train service. We also have direct flights from Minneapolis, Denver and Salt Lake.

Lift ticket prices haven't been finalized for the season, but I suspect the single day pass will still be in the $50-60 range.

Oh yeah, we're supposedly Whitefish Mountain Resort now.
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