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"Just returned from a quick trip to Denver this morning. Here's a couple of shots from my deck. Buffalo Mountain and looking north towards I-70/Silverthorne.
Early tracks at Loveland in the AM, WOO HOO!!:"

^^ CRY!! Bong where do you live and how did you get there? Tell me so I can set my future sights on livng your dream! I cant believe you have that view off your deck!!! Man am I jealous !!
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This time of year it is hard to determine storm totals (ski areas here don't report if not open)

3" in Gypsum and guessing maybe 10-12" at BC/Vail?

maybe others will chime in
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I measured 7" on my patio this morning in Silverthorne. Drifts of up to 12" in some areas. The snow stopped for a few hours in the early afternoon and then started really nuking late afternoon. Not sure what that brought.
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Looks like Lake Dillon (Dillon Reservoir) just south of Dillon & about 4 miles North of Keystone
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