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Race wax - Bulk/Discount Sources / Mix Your Own

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Hi All

I have 3 racers in the family. Keeping everyone in race wax (hyrocarbon and fluoro) gets expensive.

Can you suggest any discount or wholesale sources, in the US or up here in Canada?

What about discount or wholesources for some of the overlays (ie high fluoro powders and sprays. The latest one by Swix cost a fortune (about $100 US a bottle!!! ).

What about bulk wax sources?

What about mixing your own fluoro (ie starting with a good hyrdocarbon wax and adding fluoro and modybenium)? Any experience or how to information sources?

I'd love to speak to a race tech about this. Know any? Where do they hang out (message board). Feel free to forward this by email. They can reply to jhcolman@rogers.com


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you can get 900g of LF for $150 at reliableracing.com I don't know if this is any discount over your current purchase price and I'm not sure what deals they have on hf.
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Check out Racewax.com for cheap fluoro waxes. You're not alone in your search for a cheaper alternative to Swix or Toko. I have their products (HF wax and fluoro powder) but haven't tried them out yet, so I can't really give an opinion. The prices are pretty darn cheap, so you aren't out much if they don't work as well as you want.
Just an idea.
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Holmenkol is cheaper and runs just fine.
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You should get a discount at one of the local shops which assists racers and/or teams. The shop where you bought all your skis through should help you out.

One thing with waxes is that all the brands have a few characteristics which make them unique to themselves. They are all good, but it is worth staying with one particular system of a brand. I use Cera Swix HC, HF, LF, F, Nova etc. since I know how each works in various conditions. The temperature ranges are narrower, so if you nail it, you go really fast, but if you're off, you lose. The product is darn expensive, but it is darn slick too.
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You might want to try Dominator zoom series with q6 and r6 fluoros. I did this last year with good results. These are all temp waxes so picking your wax is easier and you don't have to buy so many types. Plus the flouros are fast, five of our team used my r6 for a super g and we all won are brackets. For best prices try artechski.com .
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www.proformskiing.com sells mainly to mtn pros, but also does retail, and they are the cheapest around on Dominator products. I think they carry the race line although it isn't on their website. Email them about the race line.
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I will try and copy your post to a friend who is a Dominator rep. We have been buying from him for a while. He's located in central VT. I'm not sure he will ship to you, but maybe he can give you a contact person in your area.
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