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AT Boots

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Aren't readily available in australia and the information available on the web isn't all that helpful in terms of fit of the boot...

I have a wide flat foot which sees me in an atomic downhill boot, and want to buy some AT boots cause my downhill boots suck going up...

I believe that the garmont adrenaline has a low volume fit similar to the lange boots, but that is the exception rather than the norm as garmont traditionally have a wider last... However i am also hearing that the new Scarpa AT boots have a wider last again, so need some help as trying them on prior to purchase is not as accessible as i would like

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I would characterize the Adrenalin as a medium volume boot, although I'm wearing it a shell size larger than a Nordica Hotrod alpine boot. I wear the Garmont Adrenalin in a 29 and the HR in a 28 and have an honest 11-1/2 C USA size. My alpine boots have been fitted by grinding along the outside of the foot and big toe, and a punch to add volume to the top of the big toe. The Adrenalin is unmodified and has packed out a bit. I might be able to use the smaller shell size, but it sure felt beyond my capability to squeeze into when new, and I anticipated needing to walk in these, so didn't want to lose toenails or be in pain. Intuition liners are also lighter and are supposed to make this boot better. I agree fit is tough to assess on the internet.

As far as walking mode, I have put in 10 mile hiking days (skinning and boot packing) to reach remote lines. The boot is certainly noticeable, flexes well, holds crampons well and has a relatively fast-wearing vibram sole (assuming you hike on rocks) that is easily replaced. I don't recommend this as an inbounds alpine boot substitute unless you need to be on your feet and walk a lot because it has noticeable compromise in downhill mode over a dedicated alpine boot. That said, I can certainly control big skis (Mantras with Freerides), and can hike and ski all day without problems.
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I am in the adrenaline 2 seasons now. I ski and walk in walk mode all the time everywhere. I absolutly love the boot!!!! I use the zip fit liner and it makes the boot. Just wanted to chime in I wish all boots allowed the ankle some movement. Cant say enough about that boot.
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
I would characterize the Adrenalin as a medium volume boot ...
Agree with this, as well as the other stuff written. I haven't seen the new Scarpa boots, but last season's were traditional Scarpa fit - ie. on the narrow side.
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I've had a number of different makes over the years, ranging from Valugas & Weinmanns, through to Tourlites and Scarpa Denalis (my last boot). The Denali was very good, extrememly robust and fitted my broad foot. Last year I moved to a apir of Scarpa Spirit 4s and these are really excellent, although not light. Most of my touring is one to three days in length with lots of up and down and longish approach walks. I've found these boots to be comfortable and they are lasting well. I've put a custom footbed in them. I toured with a friend who has andrenalin's last year and his boot soles were shredding up badly and the upper surafgces looked pretty battered after only a short while. I tour in Scotland and our conditions are very wet and rocky.
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