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Pierre eh! where are you?

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In past years by this time Pierre would be very active on this forum but I haven't heard peep from him in month.

I know he was working on his tugboat and planned to take it down to the Caribbean sometime this Winter. I thought he may either have taken it down south before the freeze via the intercoastal waterway or have it trucked down, but I think he would have posted a message here saying so.

Anyway, where are you Pierre?

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Some time ago we spoke and he said he was off to island hop.
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Thanks, Rusty, did he say if he would be back for skiing? ....Ott

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I visited Pierre last Thursday on my way back from Cleveland. He is staying focused on the boat work so that is why he is not posting here.
He is planning a full ski season while also finishing the boat. His work on the boat is beautiful. He designed and built a pilot house having no straight lines from wood.
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Ah yes, Tom Dew got me off to a start in thinking skiing. I will be checking in from now on thru to the time of my departure for the salty seas in March. I will just have to divide my attention between skiing and getting the boat ready for an extended six month cruise. During that six months cruise I am not likely to have much access to the internet.

I anyone wants pictures of the project let me know in a PM with you're e-mail address.

Pierre [img]smile.gif[/img]
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