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Palmer skis?

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Palmer skis are getting strong reviews in the press.

Has anyone here tried 'em? Will they be sold online or retail?


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Originally Posted by barrettscv View Post
Palmer skis are getting strong reviews in the press.

Has anyone here tried 'em? Will they be sold online or retail?


Palmer will not be selling online but their dealers will be. I reveiwed a couple of them several months back both here and on the Exotic Skis site. Goood stuff, high quality, but won't change the world as we know it....at least not this week.

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Iriponsnow also tried them.
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I skied them in Mid May here at Killington ; Major thanks to the guys at exoticskis.com

Overall: I am surprise if they are getting strong reviews. Even with the demo bindings on them they were very,very light. Lighter than a AT ski & far lighter than a tele ski. I found them fun, but they had tons of torsional sloppiness, even in the spring slush. While they were "fun" to play on I would not advise spending $$$ on them.
I don't think they would serve you well on anything firm. I easily over powered them @ 135 lbs. If you were looking for a true B/C only ski or a light womens ski for a rolling blue skier, they may be better. I found my stance drifting in and my balance back over the heels. They also had a low (think speed ski) tip that allowed slush to run over the tops. I think it would hang up easily of the trail on bumps/branches.
While I would not want to use them for lift served stuff, they would be great for the earn your turns crowd.........hey Pico is closed midweek?
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I agree with iriponsnow about the Palmer's performance in the mush (I was there when he tried them on a slushy day last spring!). (Hey iriponsow...we'll have to get out on a nice CARVING day !)

P01 TwinTip:

The Palmer P01 twintip is a real softie, with very good manners and definitely able to go all over the mountain, but doesn't really have any "wow" factor for me...although I a NOT a park/pipe guy, and lots of folks will take the P01 twintip into the P&P environment. Remarkably easy to ski, very light, fun and very forgiving...your grandmother could ski it easily, and a P&P rat could beat it up in the terrain park and do all the tricks. Nice ski, but not earthshaking in my opinion.

See pics and some reviews at:

P02 Carving Ski:

The Palmer P02 carving ski ("the black ski") is a different ski, more of a specialty tool designed to carve precise arcs into groomers with very little effort and pressure. Not a race or race-like ski at all, but more of a high-end intermediate or expert ski (think "pretty instructor turns" on flawless packed powder or firm surfaces). Easily overpowered with a muscle-head technique and definitely adverse to heavy pressure, the P02 is a VERY lightweight groomer tool. (think of laying down precise arcs instead of trenches in the packed snow). Not at home in the slush or powdery crud. Meant for packed powder arcs. What (in my humble opinion) is the appeal of this ski is its remarkable light weight and ease of turning really nice, surgical arcs on the snow. I don't think there is another ski like the P02 out there that can lay down really nice turns with so little effort. You could make the same arcs as more "cross" or "race carve" oriented skis, but with 50% less effort. You can ski the P02 all day with very little wear and tear on your body. Very interesting ski. Narrow range of purpose, but it really does a nice job. Pricey, but interesting. I would like to have a pair.

SierraJim's post:

See some quoted reviews from SierraJim and Iriponsnow and other folks and some pics of the ski at:
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