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Hello everyone. I came across this forum and it looks very active. I would like to introduce myself. I use the handle of 'Shen'. I am a part time instructor at Bromley, VT. So now that September is here my mind has shifted towards the upcoming ski season. I hope this forum accepts new members.

Peace, Love, Powder and
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Welcome Shen, you've found what I believe is the best ski discussion site on the net - glad to have you and enjoy!
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Welcome Shen. Most of us don't bite.
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Hi Shen:

great to have you here. Tell us a little about Bromley....

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welcome Shen
oddly enough this forum has been very active all summer. welcome aboard.
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yo. come on in.
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Another gang member?
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Welcome Shen, I am sure that you will contribute to the vast amount of knowledge and enthusiasm found on this board.

SCSA play nice now
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BEWARE: there are a few spelling & grammar nazis here.
Welcome, good intorduction.
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Welcome Shen! SCSA and I won't be happy until "the gang's all here"!
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Welcome aboard, Shen!
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Welcome Shen!
How did you find this forum?
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How-do Shen. largely due to this forum I haven't stopped thinking about skiing all summer.
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I'll add my welcomes. Glad to have you here.
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Uh... Hi.
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You see how trusting we all are, Shen ?

No one has asked who are you and what do you do ?

Ok the questions have been asked, just tell us a little more about yourself.

BTW ......

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Shen...Shen...come back Shen! Don't leave...(bet you could see the Tetons in that scene, I watch too many old movies)
Shen are you still around...
Hey SCSA, you didn't change your name again didya?
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Welcome, Shen. A warning: this site is addictive and will take valuable time away from cleaning out your garage, I know that from experience.

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i think shen left. do you think we freaked him/her out?
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This thread is funniest thing I've read in my brief time here....

For some reason it's reminding me of a Monty Python skit.....

"That rabbit's dynamite...."
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Wow, what a great response...from everyone. Ooooppps on the spelling..i could not find a way to edit the subject. Anyway, thanks for the fun welcoming committee!!!! For those of you unfamliar with Bromley...it is a little mountain in southern Vermont. It is close to Stratton and MT. Snow. The only mountain in New England that faces south. Truly a saving grace in Jan/Feb...we are all usually tan from the chin up in the winter.

Peace, Love, Powder and
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