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Which skis for advanced intermediate east-coaster?

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Hey again...

I'm back in the market looking for new sticks and was hoping for some input.

FYI...I'm 6'2", 210 lbs., advanced intermediate, and ski exclusively in the Northeast (VT and upstate NY, with a day or two in the Poconos since they are closer to home). I spend the vast majority of my time on groomed trails, but like to mix in some bumps now and then, and occasionally a glade or two.

Right now I'm thinking about these two skis because I can get them cheap (same price, so that's not a factor):

1) 06/07 Atomic Izor 9.7 in 177cm
2) 06/07 Fischer RX6 in 175cm

I've read the ES reviews on both and still can't make up my mind. Please let me know what you guys and gals think. Which would be a good choice for my ability/level now, but still allow some room for me to progress?

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Both are very good skis, but if you can afford the price, I would consider the RX8. You shouldn't be afraid of this ski. It is very forgiving and you will grow with it.

You might also consider the Elan Speedwave 12 if you can find one. Here is a link to a pretty good deal on 2006-2007 RX8 from a reputable Brick and Mortar Ski Shop in Maine ($479 with bindings):

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Between those two I'd consider the Fischer over the Izor.
I've demoed the Izor and felt a bit uninspired by it. There are many, however, who really like the Izor series.
The elans suggested above are also great suggestions.
Another one that comes to mind is the Nordica SpeedMachine 12.

That being said..........SierraSnowboard and Ski still has some great values left from their close out sale. You should check them out.

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Thanks for the input!

Anyone else have any suggestions?
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I skied for a few weeks on Atomic 9.18s and really liked them, a few weeks on Atomic C9s and really liked them and then on Atomic Izors 7.5s and didn't like them at all. I can't really say why but I didn't have any real confidence in the Izors. Last year, I got Fischer RX8s and think they are terrific. I appreciate that this is all subjective but my son who inherited my C9s and then Izors said the same thing and he has now moved on to Fischer AMC76s (quite a different ski to the RX8) and is very happy.
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I don't know about the Izors, but the RX6 is nice. At your size though, you might want to consider the RX8, they have a little more backbone. If the RX6s are going to save you a whole bunch of money though, they would definitely be adequate. Both are great on hardpack, but can be a handful in softer snow.
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Just to confuse myself a little more...I just found a great deal on the Salomon X-Wing 8 also. Any thoughts about these compared to the other two I mentioned?

Thanks again.
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Other skis discussed previously are much higher performing. I would not consider this ski at all.
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The XW 8 is not a great ski for a heavy skier or hard snow. The Fischer is quicker and more nimble than the Izor while the Izor is pretty firm. The Izor would have the edge in stability and possibly a little better grip although they are close in that department.

Lots of turns, moguls, quick feel = RX-6
Bigger turns, more speed, crud = Izor

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I live in NYC and go upstate or PA to ski and will be using the Dynastar Trouble Maker. They are good for both groom and powdered trails and are very light. I dont know if you are interested in Twin tips but thats all i can think of.
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Again...thank you everyone for your input. You've definitely given me plenty to think about and hopefully I'll make a decision soon!

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I picked up RX8's last yr. Great ski. I got them on line - skiersoutlet.com I think it was $499 w/bindings.
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