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Advice on Jupiter Bowl and 9990 in PC

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I'm taking my kids to PC after Christmas. Boys 14 and 12. Both pretty good skiers and of course fearless as boys will be. They want to do double blacks ala Jupiter bowl and 9990. They're generally comfortable skiing blacks and have mostly skiied Whistler/Blackcomb. However, not the really hard stuff there like Spanky's ladder, etc.Their mother will not be there, but insists that I bring them back in one piece.My questions are:1. What are the easiest ways(I know that's a relative term) down Jupiter and 9990. 2. How gnarly are they?
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Easiest way down Jupiter is probably the West Face, easiest way down 9990 is probably 94 Turns.

Both of these are not very gnarly at all. 94 turns can get steep as it drops into Aspen Grove but that is a pretty short drop. All in all it is pretty good fun. Stay to the far right side of 94 Turns, between the trees and the rope, for the best snow on that run. Many people duck the rope for the powder and you can easily get back at the bottom. Not saying you should do it, just saying that it is done.

The route to West Face can jar your bones and kick your knees up into your teeth but it isn't difficult. The hard thing is if you don't have speed at the bottom you will find yourself huffing and puffing to get back to the lift.
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Thanks Okolepuka (love the name). That was just the kind of info I was looking for. That will make me feel a bit more confident taking the 12 year old back there. He's pretty good, but not as good as he thinks he is. someone described Jupiter as similar in difficulty to McConkeys bowl. We haven't done, but have seen it and were planning on it this year. Seem accurate?
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Yes and no, sections are comparable to McConkeys. There are some pretty steep and gnarly sections of Jupiter. I wold stick to the West Face and maybe Scott's while you check out the area to get a feel for it. You will pretty much be able to see everything that is skiable if you keep it to these two areas before you hit the others.

If the kids can ski Scott's then when you go to The Canyons give Red Pine Chute a try. It is a little steeper but tends to have better snow than 94 turns.
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Last time I went up Jupiter, there was a bunch of 12 year old's in a snowboard school up there. so it's not too extreme.
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In looking at the PCMR map, it looks like to get to West Face, you go down a ridge and then hike up a bit to get to West bowl entrance. Do you actually have to hike up or doe it just look that way on map?
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Scott's Bowl

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You can find pics of skiing Jupiter Bowl (right below the lift if I remember + Scott's) at PCMR and 94 Turns at Canyons if you dredge up the trip reports from the Park City gathering in 2006. I think it all depends on conditions. Given soft snow, everything said above rings true to me. They are vanilla, but steep enough I don't think I'd take kids out if it was icy/crunchy.

I would not duck any ropes off 9990 - that would be a way to break your promise. Look up Dutch's Draw...
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I had my first trip to Utah last February and it included a couple trips down the West Face and once down the Main Bowl in Jupiter. I will admit to being pretty much out of shape at the time, but I'll say it was a pretty tough go for me. The hike up Jupiter to the West Face cat track entrance is rather exhausting at 10,000ft with howling winds. I was flat tired trying to get up there. The trip down was pretty nice, great drifts of snow on that face and pretty open with sparce young pines. I would say since they handle blacks fine and will likely have no trouble with the hike being so young, I'd say they will be fine.
The main bowl down the lift was simply moguls. If they're good mogul skiers, they will be fine with that too.
Its not a torturous double diamond bowl, but I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the day- granted, I was more or less chasing my buddy who is much better than I am, and it was at the end of the afternoon.

McConky's was quite a bit easier- except for their ridiculous forest "glade" which was fairly impossible to ski with any rhythm.
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There is actually an intermediate way to get down Jupiter. I used to use that on occasion when I taught there and the client insisted on doing Jupiter, but then freaked out when they go to the top:

From carbonissimo's picture, cut across Scott's (do not hike up) all the way to the saddle of Scott's Pass. From there, it is an easy ski to the base of Jupiter and the return to Thaynes. Of course, disregard all the snotty comments you will get from the skiers in Scott's Bowl as you cut across that nice big 'ol run

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Good comments- West face is the best of the easier stuff. It seems to gather a lot of snow and not a lot of direct sun. No need to hike usually, until it's tracked out below the lower traverse. Take a left off the top of the lift and follow the traverse through the trees. This part is called the Ho Chi Minh trail because it can be heinous, especially on a snowboard. You end up on the ridgetop and you can hike West Road up the ridge for the high freshies and to access Puma Bowl and the Jupiter Peak chutes, or continue on the traverse. It's steeper at first and sparsely treed but mellows out to a broad meadow that's killer if you get it early. It's steeper than it looks from the photos but not overly so. Beware the frozen lake at the bottom and hang right getting back to the lift through the trees, or you'll have to walk out. Scott's bowl is steeper, has a fun cornice to huck and involves a short boot pack. Go right at the lift and follow the traverse all the way over. Main Bowl is short and steep leading to some rolling low angle stuff through the trees and bacxk to the lift. This route is easy to see from the lift and involves no traversing or hiking, so it siphons off most of the snowboarders and visitors. To the left of the Main Bowl is Land of the Giants which is some great tree skiing through big pines. Here are sme visual aids- Main Bowl under the lift and two from West Face. You guys will have a blast, especially if there's new snow.
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Here's a couple shots from the 05-06 gathering, with Spindrift under the cornice at Scott's and Julie from New Zealand in Puma Bowl. These are steeper than they look in the photos, but the boys should be fine.
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Man, It is time, I WANT TO GO SKIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks again for all the input on where to go at Jupiter and 9990.
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looks fun plus with no obstacle and soft snow I doubt anyone could get hurt on it.
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