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I will shortly have to make a few choices regarding my new Volkl G4 set up (cant wait!).

I have noticed that there are many G4 enthusiasts in this group and I thought I could draw from this experience.

I have the choice of the 178cm or the 188cm length, I am approx. 210 pounds and 5 11" in height.

Personally, I am leaning towards the 178 ski as I want to make this an all mountain pair, rather than going longer for a more specialised powder ski and be too long for the groomed. (I usually ski on around 175-185cm) Any advice/experiences?

Also, I am interested to hear what the binding of choice is for the G4, I have been recommended the Tyrolia Railflex for the boot centre adjustment feature, which seems to make sense given my situation.

I have been on 'heavy' skis before (eg head XP100) that have had a lifter plate and I am also wondering weather I should consider a lifter for the g4's?

I hope to take the time to do some backcountry and powder days, but primarily I am looking for a challenging set up for the whole mountain.

Thanks in advance

PS I am new to this forum and I have found it to be a wealth of knowledge - great reading thanks guys and gals!