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... The notion of medals carries a bunch of intrinsic flaws with it. A well constructed opportunity for reviews from a range of perspectives would provide readers a much better opportunity to decide which opinions they are more likely to buy into - and hence influence buying decisions in a productive way.
I agree. A key benefit of reviews here are that they tend to be more descriptive and detailed than what's in the magazines or on Keelty's website. Why try to reduce this to a less informative system? Certain ski brands and models tend to shine exceptionally with a certain skier. For example a lot of lighter skiers really like certain Elan models while heavier skiers often favor certain ski models produced by Atomic or Voelkl. Other demographic considerations can also affect how a ski is judged.

Lets face it, though few may willingly admit it, graphics, what's trendy (remember the Metron?) and what someone's friend/instructor/coach skis on can also affect perceptions of skis. The present approach where the reviewer is asked to provide certain details about size, ability, conditions etc., and then describe the ski's performance leaving it to the reader to judge for themselves is far better.