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Looking for new skis

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I am a 21-year old male looking to buy new skis this season. I am 5'9'' and weigh 155. I consider myself an advanced skier but as most of my skiing is east coast i ski mostly on-piste. My old skis are K2 Apache X's, I loved them but am looking for something a little bit more technical. I have considered the Fischer World Cup RC but am concerned that they might be a little too unforgiving. Any suggestions, comments or thoughts would be awesome...
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You might want to consider this review or this review before giving up on the RC. Fischer RX9? Forgiving and fast with a GS sidecut.

Really don't know what you want from the skis, but these gave me a smile and were very forgiving.
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if your moving to utah and already have the apache Xs, the last ski I would think about buying is a Fisher WC RC. Although I have a pair of progressors they only come on out on hard days when I feel like takin it easy on groomers.

seriousally go longer and wider than you think you need for your next ski if you think Utah is your next winter.
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