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How would the volkl bridge stack up against the B94

I am leaning towards the b94, sd I said before but the sollie gun keeps coming up, and I saw the bridge dimensions, and just wondered if anyone would know.
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i know the anxious feeling you're dealing with, what with the season coming up and all that. i'm foaming at the mouth, as well, and drooling over all kinds of new skis that i totally don't need, but certainly do want.

my suggestion from before, remains in effect: CHILL.

take a few deep breathes and relax.

you can only learn so much about a ski from reading about it. ditto from other people's advice. we all love certain skis for different reasons. heck, half the skis that folks on the Epic forums think are awesome, i can't stand. and i'm sure there's a few folks who would find my quiver completely not to their liking.

so, long story short, i'd compile a short list of skis you think would be to your liking and then wait for the season to start and hopefully find someplace to demo them.

i'm sure Taos (that's where you ride, right?) has some solid demo options.

Also, if you're making any trips, plan some demo days around them (i.e. if you're headed to Utah, Colo, Jackson Hole, Idaho, Tahoe, Canada). a lot of shops that are located on the mountain will have a sweet multiple ski demo deal where you pay a flat fee (usually between $35 and $60) and you get to take out as many different skis as you like.

to reiterate, make yourself a short list of skis that sound like they'd be up your alley. then track down where you can demo them (i got so swept up in demoing two seasons ago that i would go ride at specific resorts if they had the skis i wanted to try...i did a lot of calling around to shops and resorts and emailing them as there were certain skis that I knew I wanted to try).

Sounds like your shortlist so far included:

Rossi B94 (or you can probably track down some of last seasons B4's for cheap)
Volkl Mantra
Volkl Bridge
Salomon Gun

That's a pretty good short list and those are not rare skis, which means you should be able to find a shop that carries all of them and offers a multi-ski demo deal.

Best of luck, my man.

And remember, the deals will still be out there after the snow falls. In fact once the snow does fall folks will be trying to move any of their lefto-over skis from the past several seasons. and prices on those will keep dropping. it may seem like stuff is going fast, but i've found if you're willing to dig, you can always find what you're looking for.
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But, but, but...I found a pair of 183 goats in a shop here for the yen equivalent of $420-450 and, and, and, and...I WANT! IWANTIWANTIWANT!

Nevertheless, I shall take your excellent advice and chill until I get to SLC in February, when I can actually try a pair, along with Mantras, Bridges & Katanas.

(Though, there were those black Mantras at 177 in the other shop and...)
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