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your best day skiing ever

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I dont know what started the negative thread on here but wow fun to read but who wants to remember that ****.

Post up you best ski day ever. Pictures encourage
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I took no pictures on my best day. I was too busy skiing the bottomless cold smoke. It never packed out and was at least 7 feet deep (I kid you not). The only problem is that it was hard to breath sometimes. The best quality snow in the greatest amount I've ever skied.

This happened in January 2002(?) at Mt. Baker.
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I remember that cycle. Not bad at all.

Many of the long timers recall another day, December 27...I think it was 2003...where 8 feet fell over 4 days followed by 37" of 24 degree snow overnight. For once it was so deep the snowboarders were stopped dead. They were unstrapping and laying on their boards so they could paddle surfboard style down to the chute. I was third chair, so first run was into the chute to mid, then back up for a run at dolphies.

First day of 2005 - Hiked up Pan with 5 of the new snowboard instructors to show them around before the season opened. Chest deep, untracked. we threw ourselves off the top of Pan Face, then hiked back to hit chicken ridge. When we got done, one of the girls says "This has been my best birthday I've ever had." She turned eighteen that day, and it was her first day hiking for turns. Also a good day.

During the big year, I skied Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We had over 25' in February alone, and alone is just about how I skied the mountain. I would get first tracks down every run, knee deep. The lifties would wait inside until I came down, then come out and load me.

I would put those in my top ten, but it would be hard to pick which of the ten would come out on top. I'd probably put some of my Alaska BC days in there.
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Well, after reading those two, mine looks pretty crappy!

LAst Christmas morning at Steamboat. A storm came in on Christmas eve day that wasn't predicted, it snowed pretty much all day and left about 8-10" on top of about 14" that had fallen on that massive storm that buried Ft. Collins and denver. A lot of skiers never made it up the mountain so there were a lot of freshies still to be found. All the texans who flood CO for Christmas avoid pow like the plague, so Christmas AM I was skiing incredible pow with two good friends. Since it was Christmas AM and the texans hate pow, there were few people out until around 11, and then, they stuck to the groomed runs. Although it wasn't 3' of blower, but it was an incredible way to spend Christmas! Beautiful moutain, freshies and good friends.
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Waist to chest deep dry powder,no tracks, Hobacks on K2 Classic 4s. Oh baby. My first time in powder that deep.

First day skiing out west at Whistler was also a pretty amazing day.

Pretty much every powder day is a best day skiing ever day. Everyone always has this big smile on their face all day long.
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Every single day I ski with my two children, particularly with my son, a 23 year ol' buck who loves skiing perhaps more than me, and who always ends up pushing and urging and challanging in subtle father/son fashion for an absolutely exhilerating day - every single time!
Or perhaps that is me pushing me to keep up, to share that "ski feeling", and to have fun with my children in a way uniquely provided by those of us who love skiing as much as we all do. All enhanced by thoughts and maybe realities of "getting older", and at times wondering how long it can all last, and hoping for a very, very long time still. It just doesn't get any richer than that!
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Blurrr. Too many to count.
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Presidents Day weekend about 7 years ago, Killington Vt. After not having skiied for 16yrs I was finally relearning, on this weekend I was first able to do a black diamond run....shortly thereafter on a fast blue I was to be involved in a disasterous fall that sent my pole through my $120 Uvex goggles. Split my forehead open from the broken shards of goggle frame, nice bright blood all over me and the snow.

Apres' ski I had strangers cheering me on and buying me drinks due to my obvious ski injury, I was the star of the bar that day.

Recap: I was able to conquer the mountain, only to have it remind me that I conquered nothing, I was simply allowed to play a little. Got my first serious ski injury/medal. Felt like a real skier....finally.
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march 6, 1998

still hard to beat day number one @ buttermilk, three inches of new and first turns ever. my skiing's improved and i've been in deeper snow but that first day was true revelation and no ski day since has left a longer-lasting smile on my face.
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Wow, every day skiing is "THE BEST!" The question makes me reflect on so many, thanks.

If I had to choose I would say my best day was a bluebird week at Wiegle's skiing/riding about 10 yrs ago! Private jet flight up there, private helicopter & getting paid for it .


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There are a lot but two come to mind - first day at Solitude (and in Utah) about 12 years ago, bluebird but snowed previous night and there was armpit deep snow in the trees. I couldn't ski it all that well then but it was pretty awesome. Cannons going off in the distance, bright sun, cold, great time.

Last year at Killington in about 3-4 feet of pow on St Pattys I think it was was pretty darned good too.
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Great attitude BWPA

My day spent with wife and bear friends on a crisp bright day with perfect snow taking flight and landing right:
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^naturally that was the day after I left CO!

Man, too many to recall, most of which have been in the past couple of seasons:

1. Riding at Keystone for the first time several seasons ago. My dad (in his 70s) had gone off to lap School Marm and I had headed to the backside. I was skiing solo and not at all familiar with the mountain. Was demoing some Recons, which I felt comfortable on. Got to the back and they had cat rides for $5 but a warning sign saying not to ski the trees/powder bowls alone, so I didn't and hit a mogul run instead. Next chair up I shared with a couple (at least I thought they were a couple at the time) named Michelle and John. We chatted and as we got off the lift they said "We're hitting the bowl, care to join us?" In over 20 years of skiing I had never once had somebody I'd chatted with on the lift invite me to ski with them. I was flabbergasted and excited. I ended up ripping the trees and pow with them on two runs. I would have kept riding with them but had to get to the base to meet a buddy who was arriving for 1/2 day. Michelle and John (who turned out to be work associates) were seriously bummed that I had to bail, but urged me to grab my buddy and meet them back at the bowl ASAP. If for some reason we didn't connect, then they told me they'd be at one of the bars at the base around 4:30. Sadly, by the time I skied to the base, picked up my buddy, and made it back to the cat area it was closed (3pm closing). I ended the day riding with my buddy and dad, both of whom got tired of me telling them we HAD to meet these folks at the bar after skiing. At any rate we all reconnected at the bar. I've kept in touch with both John and Michelle and have ridden with Michelle (she's a Denver local) since that day (John is an EC skier, so I haven't reconnected on the slopes with him).

Other memorable days:
First time at Alta 2 seasons ago. I got separated from my buddy and ended up hiking an borderline out-of-bounds bowl for my first true slice of knee deep powder. I only made it about 1/3 of the way up the mountain before bailing out, but I got about a football field's worth of fresh, untracked and it was amazing.

Tahoe Gathering KW excursion last year where I kept up with Cirquerider and Scotskier, both of whom are aces in my books in terms of riding companions (as well as Cirque's son-in-law).

Tahoe Gathering Squaw excursion where I met X-Eastcoaster and wife. I've kept in touch and ridden with them a few times since.

LGCIII - not much needs to be said here. Met the likes of Don Denver & Betsy, Brooklyn Trayc, Uncle Louie, MadMike, JGiddyUp, SCSA, Cgeib, and too many others to recall. The hi-lite was riding at Vail with UL's buddy Ingemar (a Breck instructor) who at the end of the day said "Hey Spence it was great riding with you. Will I see you at the Breck day on Monday? I hope so." That blew me away as I tend to view myself as a glorified hacker, so to have an instructor tell me that he's looking forward to riding again was awesome.

Maggot Mammoth Conclave in the Spring where I got General Lee'd by MTT and Brooklyn took some great snapshots and I almost "killed" Captain Powder.

Of course there's other memorable days, like full-blown waist deep powder days at Homewood (when all the other Tahoe resorts were on wind hold), the first day I broke in the Spatulas, riding with a retired auto shop teacher at Sugarbowl and having him 1. kick my hiney and 2. show me the goods, riding with my college roommate from old Trevor at Alpine Meadows and having him "force" me to hike to the goods and improve my game every time we ride together.

Riding solo at Loveland and meeting the kid who started Icelantic Skis and demoing his planks for free.

The first time I actually figured out riding powder (at Northstar on Rossi 7S's).

Getting props from Mt. Rose Ski Patrol at Sun Valley for my classic Rossignol Cock hat (I was also offered cash/trade for it at one of the local SV ski shops that same trip).

I should stop now since the initial post only asked for 1...

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That question is easy for me. Over nearly forty years of skiing, much of it at one of the greatest ski mountains in the world, I've been lucky enough to have an awful lot of good days.

My best-ever day was March 20, 2006. Alaska Rendezvous Lodge near Thompson Pass in the Chugach Range of Alaska. My wife and I and some longtime friends. The whole trip was unbelievable, but one day still stands out.

It was bright sunshine, fluffy new snow, enormous mountains, and just us. I skied with my wife the whole day and I don't know how it could have been any better.

Here's my wife with the helicopter just taking off the summit of a "small" peak called Tiekel North:

Here she is with the rest of our group and our guide, surveying one of our routes:

Here's our guide, Bruce, testing the snow at the very top:

Here's Bruce WAY, WAY, WAY down below us setting the line. This run continued around and down to the left, disappearing far below:

Here's my wife contemplating her next line. At this point on this run, we had already skied about 4,000 vertical feet and I'm pretty sure we had another couple thousand to go.

Next time up in the heli, we skied the SUNNY side of the peak. Here's guide Marieke spotting Bruce as he skied a big bowl:

Here's my wife coming down that bowl. The other two tracks are mine and the guide's:

Here she is lower down in that same huge bowl:

And here's Bruce scouting a way through the ridgetop cornice so we could ski ANOTHER huge face of untracked toward the end of the day:

As I say, even over several decades of some really great skiing, this day was the best.

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I need to get out more often.

Thanks Bob, that truly did look amazing.
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Wow Bob! Everyone else is quietly smiling at your pic's and words, I might say with a tad bit of healthy envy. Very good!
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Number 1- La Grave after a real battle with the storm bound blizzard ridden mountain for 3 days , high pressure came in and Voila! the best lift accessed skiing in the world

Number 2 - Glencoe Scotland 2 seasons ago end of march, high pressure and the best snow cover ever, crispy spring snow and views across rannoch moor.. all in all a day to be savoured and remembered

number 3 - powder day Alta, any chance of sending some alta snow to scotland?
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Hey SRH!

I skied at the Mid-Lothian Ski Centre in Edinburgh a few years ago.

Skiing on astro-turf is a trip!
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nice one! thankfully ive not skied there, afterall it is in edinburgh, i get a nose bleed whn i head across there LOL
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you Glasgowians ever ski Iceland?

afterall it's only an hour flight...
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post
....As I say, even over several decades of some really great skiing, this day was the best.

...this is exactly why these threads never tireā€¦there is always another great day ahead! Love these reads and views!
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dookey, glaswegians tent to just like the costa del sol in spain, lol

tell me more, i hadnt even thought of iceland

norway is a winter paradise though ;-)
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Then they ask me why I want to go to Alaska so badly!
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Solo run down Superior in '99 in knee high settled powder. That was only one run, tho. Howsabout some more solo runs in Wolverine Cirque that same year? Got thirds down Granny's, and untracked in THC and the Scythe, then skied the Tuscarora saddle down to Dog Lake. I know - I'm really irresponsable.

That day last season when the interlodge shut down the road to Alta until 11 am was pretty good as well.
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1. A day in early Feb 1998 at Heavenly. That was my first ever day in Tahoe and the beginning of one of those epic weeks the area is famous for. Heavenly got 21" overnight and another 16-20 during the day of light cold smoke. We did laps in Motts, Killebrew and some tree runs I don't remember the name of. The snow was creamy and smoove and deeeepppp! Unfortunately the temps skyrocketed overnight and the next day they had plenty more snow and I discovered the real meaning of Sierra Cement and strained my MCL pretty bad: The rest of the week I struggled to ski while my campatriots ripped it up as it dumped like that all week.

2. The day after Super Bowl Sunday Vail 2006. It was snowing the entire the week before and Sunday night it pounded another 14" or so. Monday was pretty deserted and EPIC:

3. Super Bowl weekend 2000 or 2001 Telluride......what a day Sat was and then Sunday was even better:

I've got a heli trip to Snowwater out of Nelson BC scheduled for early Feb of 2008 and I'm counting on it to take over the top 7 spots
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since I didnt answer yet

1.Best day ever - feburary 26th with Jtrue, Endlessseason, Yetiman, and Paedde from TGR.

Jtrue getting his before its all gone

2. Was a day teaching early feburary....the teaching that went on that day was how to to time rope drops, holding your own on a traverse(they normally got look how cute they are being allways out here), how to be strong in tracked up crud, and one thing josh didnt learn was not to drop his hand back. the powder shots from this video are from that day.

The last part of the video was on the road to provo area my class was one of the first groups to make it out there and it was really fun to watch a group of kids mob a traverse and pass the gapers who waited before us....only to see the part of the run get tracked out by a ski school class.

the kids and me where exhausted at the end of that day.
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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
Last year at Killington in about 3-4 feet of pow on St Pattys I think it was was pretty darned good too.
Some of the best snow I ever skied in the east that day. Ever.

* A great day of cat skiing in Alaska in 92

* Hitting MRG on prolly the best day of the year 2 seasons ago, my son and I were 6th and 7th down Paradise. A kinda father/son thing.

* Almost every day of my Utah trip a few years ago.

*Camelbacks first all night ski, it was a perfect moonlit night in 81, about 40 deg.

* Bumpfest, both years were a ton'o fun.
Are jsut a few that come to mind.
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The next one, of course.
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My best day this decade was when Mckonky's lift at PCMR was disabled for ten days- 05-06 season. A hike and breaking trail on an old traverse that no one's used since they put the lift in in 95 or so, nobody there, two bowls and a whole network of trails, untracked. We got several dumps but one day stands out- lapping a foot of untracked all day with a friend and the wife , who used to be afraid of pow beecause she couldn't see her skis. It wasn't the deepest or most gonzo day by any means, what made it special was we had it almost completely to ourselves, and I was able to share some killer pow with my wife- who's pretty new to this.

and bob, wow.
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One more, from after lunch, getting some tracks now...
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