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Sept 15 - Kelly Brush Foundation Century Ride

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You can learn all about Kelly Brush and her foundation on her website. She is a skier and I'd love to see a Bear or two come out and support her. It's on my calendar. How about yours?
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Looks like a good cause and a fun time. A bit far for me though

Saturday, September 15, 2007
8:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Middlebury, Vermont

The bike ride consists of a 100 mile (or half century 50 mile) bike loop through Addison County. There will be refreshments at the loop halfway (approximately 25 miles). The ride will start and end at Middlebury College's football stadium parking lot. The route is moderate, and is touted as one of the most beautiful rides in the state. A barbeque will be held after the ride where raffle winners will receive great prizes donated by Middlebury College Snow Bowl, Rossignol, Peak Performance Ski Shop, Trek, Spyder, Swix, and Oakley. Last year, the Middlebury College Ski Team raised a total of $65,000 thanks to the overwhelming amount of donations from family, friends, and the Middlebury community.
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epic, as an alum (Middlebury Class of '63), a skier, a biker and I hope someone who contributes to this world - man, you got my attention.
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oboe - come do the 50. We can ride together and then I can go out for the second loop. I don't usually look for donations, but I am trying to get some lined up for this.
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Bump for a worthy cause.
For those of you who haven't read this young woman's story. You really should. She is inspiring!!!
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Well, the ride has come and gone.

Registration was at 7:30, so I had my alarm set for the inhumane hour of 4:45 in order to suit up and make it to Middlebury in time. I woke up well before that due to the pounding of the rain. I hoped it would stop before the alarm went off. It didn't. I went and checked the weather radar on the computer. Things looked ugly. I was sick and NOT wanting to do yeat another century in the rain. It would have been my third this year.
Luckily Witeroom called. Not wanting to ride in the rain either. Instead we left at Stowe at 8 and figured we'd join in and just ride the 2nd lap when the rain had ended. So we went down. There was a lot of turnout. I think we were riders 197 and 198. We set out with the tailend of the 2nd lappers and rode on our own for a bit before we were assimilated by a large group. They were going a good bit slower than I wanted to ride, but soon enough we got into a strong headwind, and I was glad to have them, watever the pace. I was nestled in next to a couple of guys and heard one of them keep questioning another guy about someone named "Bode". That Bode. It turs out we were riding next to his new coach, so I got a little insider info. Probably nothing secret or anything.

The course was absoluteley beautiful. I had no idea that area of Vermont (West of Middlebury) was so beautiful. No major hills either. Very nice ride.
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NO pics!!!!?
What is wrong with you?
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No photos because we started late and didn't want to be out too long so we really didn't stop at all. The course was really beautiful, rolling farmland along the edge of Lake Champlain.

There was a great turn out from the ski racing community. As Epic said Bode's coach was there, he didn't mention that SO WAS BODE. UVM and Middlebury were there, GMVS, Burke, Mansfield Academy, I think CVA was there as well...it was an impressive turn out of racers for one of their own.
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Whiteroom, I wish I could have joined you guys. I read much of the web site that Epic linked, and have been touched in a profound way by this young woman.

Thank you both for sharing this experience with us.
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Kelly was there all day, evidently she did the first lap, we stopped for water at the 30 mile rest point and she was there, she came up and said hello and thanks. She passed by in her car as I was climbing the last hill on my way back into Middlebury and she yelled out encouragement as the car went by (I think it was encouragement...she yelled something at me). From the little bit of interaction I had with her (a few words) she seems amazingly upbeat. She was smiling and happy, joking with friends every time I saw her.
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