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Found: $2.00 Salomon Performa Equipe 8.0 at the Salvation Army!

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I posted this earlier but didn't realize that they were in fact Salomon Performa Equipe 8.0s and not Salomon Equipe 8.0s (the Performa isn't very prominent on the boot) and as a result nobody really responded to the thread.

I happened to be at the Salvation Army in Birmingham Alabama last Saturday looking for junk and happened to come across a pair of Salomon Performa Equipe 8.0 ski boots in size 26.5. I wear a size 26.5. I paid $2.00 for them! These things are in almost new condition and are alot more comfortable than the Langes I currently wear. In fact, I wore them for like an hour after I got home and even clicked into them.

I have tried to find some specifications/what type of skier they are designed for on he internet and I have not had too much luck finding much info on them. I believe that they came out in the late 90's. Does anyone know anything about the Salomom Performa Equipe 8.0 ski boot in regards to their specifications? Such as what year did they come out and what type of skier and skiing are they are designed for? What kind of flex do they have? I'm going to be buying a pair of Rossignol B3 Bandits for the upcoming season and was wondering if I would be crazy pairing these boots with the B3s. Basically, what kind of experience have you guys or people you know had with these boots?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I had a pair of 9.0's for a week or so back in 96 (what I was doing soem focus work with a Salomon rep). There was a 9.0 and a Race above the 8.0. It is a higher volume boot and it was Salomon's first venture into the custom molded liners. The 8.0 was for a recreational skier, IIRC, they had a 80 flex rating, but don't quote me on that, I was never good at rememebring those minute detaisl . These also had Salomon 'Pro-pulse" arm on the rear cuff. It was an elastomer that worked two ways. On a slow gradual flex forward, it could rebound slow. If you bounced into the tongue, it responded quicker. IMHO, it was a waste and was short lived.

Overall, It was a numb boot and not something that I would want to ski because the boot never fit me well, I felt like I was skiing in slippers. I don't think you over paid for them. Ski them until you can get something better.
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If they fit you well and you love them, I think they are a fine pairing with the B3's. I don't think you should wear boots that make you unhappy just because someone told you they are high performance or whatever. The best boot is the one that FITS correctly first and only after that should you worry about flex indexes, etc.

By the way, if a boot is comfortable, it doesn't mean it necessarily fits correctly. Many times it can mean it's too big to send the message of your leg to your ski effectively. And a soft-flexing boot may or may not be helpful to your skiing. They are more "forgiving", but they are also pokier in communicating with your ski. But I'd worry about the fit before I worried about the flex.
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Is this the Killy-design mid-entry one? The top models had red and pinkpurple clog with yellow trim?
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I smiled when I read your post. My boots are Sally Performa line and I paid $25 on ebay for an almost new pair. Mine are the X-scream model and are bright yellow. They were the top of the line and rigid. Only issue is they are a b**** to get on due to friction between my heel and the back of the liner. I believe Phil called it right on what the 8.0's were designed for. I'm very happy with their performance and intend to keep them. I replaced the standard footpad with a stock "surefeet" liner. The boots are a half size smaller than than my measured foot size of 29, so that reduces the inside volumn.

I tried on several boots last year and really can't justify an upgrade. I believe Rossi B3s are mid-fat all mountain skis. I have a pair of Machette mid-fats and the combination is fine.

I agree with the comments on getting the right size. If they hold your heel down and have minimum foot play, do it! My concern is the ageing liners have deteriorated and are breaking down. A guy on e-bay sells replacement Sally liners for about $70.

Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
Is this the Killy-design mid-entry one? The top models had red and pinkpurple clog with yellow trim?
That was the Intrigal Series. Awful boot, I had a couple of pair of them too.
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Thanks Guys,

They actually do fit the way boots should and are not comfortable because they are too big. I can't move my heel at all off the bottom, my toes do not swim, nor can I twist/roll my feet in the boot etc. Plus there are no presure points at least there were not in the hour I had them on during which I was looking for uncomfortable pressure that can really hurt after a day on the slopes. As for the liner it has not deteriorated at all and is in great condition.

Were these boots the precursor to the Salomon Performa line? At any rate they fit correctly, don't seem to hurt, are not low level beginner rear entrys, and are an upgrade from my Langes. I think that they should perform okay for me paired with some B3 Bandits. Its not like they are some rear entry beginner boot from the late 80's. I know many people who keep good boots for 5+ years before upgrading. Do you guys think I'm on the right track?
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I don't know about those boots, but they sound awesome. Intermediate boot allow more ankle flex which is essential to good skiing and most alpine boots are too stiff.

Do they have the progressively damped shocks that Phil described? Those sound very cool. If they are working correctly, and I understand Phil's post correctly, they should allow you to flex your ankles when you intend to, but stiffen up when your weight is thrown forward (unintentional flex). That kind of answers complaints that some have about soft flexing boots, bottoming out, etc. They sound like they might combine the benefits of soft flexing boots and stiff boots! And I think they fit you really good, they might feel different skiing, but you could pay hundreds for boots and not find out they don't fit you until you hit the snow, after which returning is problematic. Dude, you scored big time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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I think you made a great purchase myself. Of course, my last pair of boot had 399 days on them, which is apparently incredible according to the shop. I loathed to part with them because it took me MONTHS to get them comfortable and the thought of suffering through that again caused me to hold on. Only the fact that my mother said she'd pay for new boots AND the worry that plastic fatigue might be looming caused me to get new ones.

The new ones are a bit on the soft side, but the fit is terrific and I only had about 8 days of "break in" this time around due to a good bootfitter.
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