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Broken fibula

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I just got the word from the ER doc that I have a broken fib - fell on the first run of a beautiful day(Boo Hoo). How long does it take before you can ski again ( I know I should be asking a Doc but I can't see him until tomm. and watching the blizzard going on outside my window is making me feel very sorry for myself)? Any shared experiences with this type of thing would be appreciated.
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Standard doctor response is six two eight weeks for a bone to join together. A fibula may take longer, because its blood supply isn't as substantial as the average bone.

A big bone like a femur (my current break) can take twelve weeks to join. I'm on week 9 and counting the days. But just because a bone is joined doesn't mean it's ready for the punishment of skiing. A bone doesn't fully heal for up to a year. I'm out for the season when it comes to skiing, but I can bicycle right now. Very different amounts of stress.
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Thanks Terry

Good luck with your recovery...met with te Doc today and it looks like this season is over
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Yes this season may be over, but do focus on the next season, which means doing rehab and getting back into shape. You will have a head start on the rest of us.

Can't wait that long, there is always winter weather in S. America, New Zealand, and Australia during June-September.
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What a great attitude wink!...I am already starting to think that way myself...everything happens for a reason...here is to next season, where ever it my be!
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Mike don't feel to bad your in good company. My Nephew who is going to Collage in Colorado just broke his tibia and fibula at Crested Butt. It was so bad that he had to be life flighted to a hospital in Denver. The Dr's there put a titanium rod in his leg. From now on he's going to set off metal detectors at Airports. He is also out for the season and more. He's going to also miss spring run off in the rivers for his other passion white water rafting. Do your rehab and keep your focus on next season.
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Originally posted by Utah49:
The Dr's there put a titanium rod in his leg. From now on he's going to set off metal detectors at Airports.
Does titanium really set off airport detectors? I ask because I have a pretty big chunk of the stuff stuck in my leg, and I'm flying to Salt Lake soon. Do I need a doctor's note or something?
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As a recent graduate of broken femur hell, I can tell you that titanium rods DO NOT set off garden-variety airport metal detectors. However, hand held metal detectors do pick them up.
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Utah - that sucks about your nephew. I wish him a speedy recovery.

James-I hear that a femur is the worst and most painful bone to break. I got off very easy. It was much more painful watching 2 feet of snow fall on my home mountain while I had to cancel a trip to Jay Peak with the Xteam.

Oh Well, we will get 'em next year!
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Hey, sorry to hear about the fall!

I shattered my tib/ fib in 2007 really bad i lost 4 inches of bone and had the plates and screws the fracture company.

It's my first season back and i've hit the slopes 4 days (plus the random parks you hike up) and i've noticed my biggest pain is due to the boots, not skiing specifically.

Try to find a good ortho who can recomend some devices to disburse the pressure in your boots around your weak-point.

Try to find some new soles and double-sock your leg (help against shin burn) over some gauze and polysporene (even if you dont have an incision, i reccomend the polysporene or something else high in vitamin E to help keep the skin from being irritated and causing you to over-compensate and wear out some other tendons)
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