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Worst traffic jam going to a ski resort

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How long did it take and from where to where?

Mine was about 15 years ago, driving to Les Arcs in the French Alps from the direction of Lyon. It took me 10 hours to do the last 20 miles. Must admit, better roads nowadays.
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similar route. 6 hrs xmas time from megeve to val disere
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two years ago on 80 just passed the agri inspection station in California. We were returning from a pow blast at Diamond Peak(as matter of fact, the entire Tahoe region), when we hit 80, there was a LONG line waiting for us at around 4:30pm, so took a short turn at 89 exit and ahd dinner, when we finished and return, the line was even longer, it was 11:30pm before we passed the agri inspection station (leass than 1000 feet away from the intersection of 89 and 80)and did not get home until 5am...
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The worst traffic jam I have ever experienced on the way to ski was actually caused by the 'friend' driving the vehicle I was in. I don't have to tell you how badly I needed one of these !!!

For the record, I have a commitment to driving myself now.
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We left PA to go to MRG. Left Berwyn ar 3:00PM, didn't arrive at MRG till 5:30 AM. It took 2:30 just to get to the PA TP. We had a flat tire at 4:30 on Rt 100 in VT too. When we got there some of 'the guys" we just finishing up at the bar. With as little sleep as we had..we were actually in the best shape to ski the next day.

I have seen the back up on the Northway down to exit 18 on a Friday. I was glad I was heading the other way.
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other direction

It once took me 24 hours to get from Bromley to Wayne, PA. It didn't help that they closed I-287 under us in northern Jersey during an ice storm. After sitting for 4 hours the passenger cars were escorted off the road and to a school where the red cross set up a shelter. On the plus side, we had a foot of powder at Bromley that morning and nobody there, even though it was MLK weekend. The snow turned to freezing rain as we drove south. The drive hadn't been too slow until all traffic just came to a halt. The road was so slippery that it was almost impossible to stand up, but with an AWD Toyota Previa, which has the engine under the driver's seat, I really didn't notice until I stepped out of the car!

This was the winter in the early 90s when we had multiple ice storms in the Philly area, and heavy snows in the interior of the state.
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Its not so much the traffic, as whether they can plow the road. :

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This isn't nearly as bad as many others ... but it took us 6.5 hr to get to Copper from Denver (normally 1.5 hr) the week after Christmas.

That was the worst I ever experienced personally. We don't usually drive too far, and if the roads are closed or traffic is bad, we are easily able to avoid the trip. I just either stay home or stay in the mountains. But not that time.
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