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Longest you were ever stuck on a lift?

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Minutes? Hours? Days?

What do you remember from it? Is it a Larry David type story? :
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zermatt, took 3 hrs 9 to 12
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I've been stuck for about 40 minutes on two separate occassions. Once was at Sugarloaf, Maine. The cable derailled : a couple hundred yards behind us. We had no idea what was going on other then seemingly every patroller around was congregating around one of the lift towers. My chair-lift mates and I were busy tying poles together trying to judge the distance to the ground. A patroller pleaded with us to not jump though, so we stayed put. It was a warm-ish spring day, so the wait wasn't too bad other then my increasing need to pee.

My other story. Please dear God, never let that happen to me again.
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20 minutes in near zero, that was quite cold but nothing like 3 hours, yikes.
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40 minutes with my ski tips about 3 feet from the ramp. The drop was about 40 feet, however so I stayed put. Cold and blowing like crazy.
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I was stuck on the Grizzly lift at Snowbowl for an hour and a half or so (I didn't think to look at my watch). The guy riding the chair with me was on his first chair of the season. We started with small talk and progressed into a pretty deep philosophical conversation, after covering the usual lift ride topics.

When I went into the inn afterward, the bartender bought me a double spiced, double stiff, bloody mary. Then I had to go to work.
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About 40 minutes and I haven't ridden a lift since:

The day wifey and I headed home from Colorado last season I was to meet her at the road at 1:00. At 12:30 I figured I had time for one more ride. The lift (Olympia at Winter Park) stopped numerous times, moving all of 10-20 feet each time. My wife gets very worried if I don't show up on time. I called her when it became obvious that I was going to miss our rendezvous, but I knew she wouldn't have any signal on her cell. I left a message and by some miracle she got it just a few minutes later.

All in all it worked out well. It was a warm day, the company on the lift was good (three generations of Colorado women) and it made my last run of the season an absolute bomber down Drunken Frenchman.

Man, I can't wait to get back
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Longest I recall was at Mt. Snow. I remember being with sister in laws boyfriend, at the time a skiing bud. We were stuck there for a good hour due to a power outage. After a while, al the skiers woer down, so there wasn't any noise. We then heard a lone snowmobile, I blurted out.."He must be running over to Grampy's to pick up a couple of D-cells".

It was funny at the time.
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40 mins at -25F.
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10-15 minutes that I will never get back...I contemplated jumping, then all of a sudden it started to roll again. 3hrs and I would surely have found a way down (unless it was over some jagged rocks of course).
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Not the longest in time but...

10 minutes on the Big Sky Challenger lift (wind shut down) at -35 to -40 (not including wind chill).

The lifts only started when the base got to -20. However, the reading at the top of challenger (when my son and I got there!) was back to -40 or so.
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Man, I miss Big Sky.

45 minutes at Snowmass in 1984.
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About 45 minutes on the morningstar chair at Holiday Valley. About 20 years ago. It was a Monday night before race league. Minus 5 degrees and the wind chill much more. Got so cold and stiff we couldn't race. In fact we went to the bar to warm up and never left till closing.
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Vail last year. 50 mins waiting to get on lift. About an hour on the lift. Got in line at the next lift so we would not have to wait in the same lines again. That line was another 50 mins. In three hours we did one run..
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Originally Posted by rockdude View Post
Vail last year. 50 mins waiting to get on lift. About an hour on the lift. Got in line at the next lift so we would not have to wait in the same lines again. That line was another 50 mins. In three hours we did one run..

sounds like Vail.

Vail really does suck!
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Originally Posted by carver_hk View Post
zermatt, took 3 hrs 9 to 12
sorry, i mean queueing only, not stuck. mistaken the meaning of the question. my apology to zermatt.
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2 towers from the top of Madonna lift at Smugglers' Notch. It gale force winds, -10 below with out wind for over an hour. Longest hour of my freakin life.
If you know this lift it was before they retrofitted it and lowered it out of the wind...
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Maybe 45 minutes at Cannon over 30 years ago. Hanging right in the way of the snow guns. The last time I ever wore stretch pants, the darn things are useless, even over several layers of long underwear. I kept concentrating on my stomach while I hung on the chair as it was the only part of me that felt anywhere near warm. After staggering off the chair and having to take a T-bar to the top, I spent the next 1.5 hours warming up inside. On the way down, I stopped next to a guy whose face was about 35% covered in frostbite, so I know it was darn cold out. (I sent him into ski patrol.)
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1 hour, two years ago when a lift's backup diesel engine conked out. At least it was sunny and warm. I was about six towers away from the base when the lift died. Resort handled it well - free lift tickets to everyone stuck on board. Didn't help me (had a season's pass) but seemed like the decent thing to do.
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lloyd braun

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Originally Posted by rockdude View Post
Vail last year. 50 mins waiting to get on lift. About an hour on the lift. Got in line at the next lift so we would not have to wait in the same lines again. That line was another 50 mins. In three hours we did one run..

sounds like Vail.

Vail really does suck!

The season hasn't even started yet :
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In 1976 while riding the Gad 2 chair, about the middle of STH area,we were stuck for over 2 1/2 hours on the lift with the ski patrol sliding down the hill asking if we were ok. My skiing buddy used to tell me he always dressed light because he skied to keep warm. When we finally got off the lift he couldn't walk and had to be carried into a warmup shack. It was a blizzard, and cold. Every 15 minutes I would brush off about 5 inches of snow.
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45 min. last year at Alta on Collins. We moved about 15 ft. after 20 min. then a slow ride to the top. After everyone was off, they closed the lift for the day.
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2 1/2 hours ten years ago at Big Sky. Last run of the day. Ski patrol was throwing blankets at us from the towers and threatening to prosecute anyone who jumped (I think a few did anyway). Worst of all, when we finally got to the top it was going on dark and ski patrol was guiding groups of 10 or 15 chairs worth down to the base. You had to ski with patrol at the level of the least able skier who was frozen, tired, and scared. I tried to convince them that I was ski in ski out the other direction and knew where I was going but no dice, I got to enjoy a wedge down the entire mountain!!! My lovely husband figured out where I was and went to the hottub without me! Still love Big Sky though.......
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Originally Posted by daysailer1 View Post

The season hasn't even started yet :

ha ha ha!

Boulder blows as well!:
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The longest I was ever stuck on a lift was about 45 minutes. The trouble with it, was that it was on a school ski night and a bunch of the "kids" thought they could jump. That caused a few injuries that had to be attended to, and some younger kids freaking out when the lift bounced and felt scary to them.
The lift was repaired fairly quickly, but it was the idiots jumping that made it difficult to start up again.

One other time I was a chapparone on a school ski night, when a lift shut down unexpectedly. It was a major breakdown, so they started an immediate evacuation of the lift.
I (as well as the other ski moms) spent over an hour walking up and down the hill under the lift calming down little kids. The evac went smoothly, and the professionals doing it were great.

Funny, how some of these kids thought it was "cool" and some were freaked out.
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Last season I was stuck on a lift for about 45 minutes with two 11 year old snowboarding boys. We chitchatted to pass the time, they told me what grade they're in and I told them about my job, talked about favorite runs, etc. Toward the end one of them used my cell phone to call his mom in the lodge and tell her what was delaying him. While he was on the phone, the other one asked me, in all seriousness, if I was seeing anyone. It took all of my mental strength to not crack up in front of him.
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Last year at Killington...The Canyon Quad broke down. We were stuck on there for about an hour. Ski patrol was handing out vouchers as we got off the lift. I think I got a free soda with it.
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My story is 30 years old and involves something close to your heart - MRG single chair.
I was riding on a sunny day, arm wrapped around the single iron bar on the side of the chair. The wire cable came off the large wheel at either the top or bottom, causing all the chairs to drop down quickly. The tensioning weights then quickly retensioned the line, shooting chairs back up. In front of me, the persons in the 5 chairs just at the top of the mountain were thrown out and lay injured on the snow. Very Scary sitting there wondering what's next. I was first person not ejected because my arm around support held me. Took over an hour before I was let down by the patrol.
Don't remember the name of the trail under the lift, but it was black diamond. I was in no condition to ski it. Walked all the way down to the bar and had my old friend Johhny Walker calm me down.
Never been back to MRG. Still amazed that that damn chair lasted another 30 years. Good ridance.
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2 1/2 hours on the former Teller lift at Keystone in the mid to late '80s. The lift runs from the bottom of North Peak to the restaurant at the top of the gondola on the front side of Keystone. The bullwheel at the upper station broke where the hub attaches to the drive axle. The bull wheel fell to the ground and the cable went slack until it wrapped around the big tower which supports the lift house. This sent a major shock wave down the cable which ejected 40 some people from the chairs near the top. Fortunately we were only about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom. Our chair yo-yoed up and down enough that it was obviously not a normal stop, but we had no idea how serious the failure had been. The ski patrols from A Basin and Loveland were called in the assist with evacuation and treatment of the injured. After we were evacuated from the lift we poled and skated back to the base area on a road where on the way we passed a snow cat with a trailer carrying about 20 people who were waiting their turn for transportation to the hospital by helicopter or ambulance. We finally found out what had happened when we ran into some friends who had been skiing the front side. We were glad that we hadn't gotten on the lift a few minutes sooner.

As I recall, although there were many serious injuries, only one person died as a result.

The Teller lift was a YAN fixed grip triple with no foot-rest/safety bar. It was repaired and fitted with a beam which ran under the bullwheel so that it would not go anywhere if the hub failed, as were other Yan lifts of the same design. This lift has since been replaced. The last time I was at Keystone it was a fixed grip quad which as I recall had a safety bar.
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30 minutes due to a power outage on the Little Cloud chair at Snowbird. Luckily it was a nice weather day, only thing was that I knew I had a flight to catch later that afternoon and with no idea when we'd start up again, I was starting to get worried.
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