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I skied my metron b5's 1.5 yrs and thinkin they are to much like work"fun but to much like work".
I skied my pink k2 phat luv's last spring and are thinkin for everyday use they are way to soft.
I need a new "fun" ski ,one that i can play on,one that skids,one that is really going to be used on groomers since i have the phat luvs for crud,slush,and powder.

so let the games begin..all recommendations are welcome.

240 now trying for 210 by December
maybe a level 7.5
can ski moguls but really why?
like to ski short "short = fun"
May be workin as instructor
will be on ski 5 to 7 days a week
swaps commin up and really lookin for a deal on leftovers