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Breck Lesson Program

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Anyone know if the $159 season long lesson program is back for season pass holders at Breck?


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I am interested in this as well. I asked a rep this a couple of months ago when I got my pass and she said that she didn't think so, but they typically don't finalize the details until the fall. Again, taken with a grain of salt since she was just a rep.
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OK, I called Vail Resorts, and got the following scoop. For those holding a Colorado Pass, you can get unlimited Thursday-Sunday lessons at Breck for $169. I presume there are blackouts for certain holidays.

Or, if you want to pay more for less flexibility, you can get unlimited Sunday lessons at Keystone for $199.

I might sign up for both!

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I did this last year when my son was taking kids lessons in the Bomber's program at Breck. Helped me avoid some nasty lift lines and get a few pointers.
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Link please?

I can't find it online. Link please? Thanks... We took the plunge this year and got the CO Pass. I'm looking up Breck info daily...
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They don't advertise it. Call the ski school directly and let them know you want the pass or go to the ticket office on the first day you ski. They usually stop the sales around December 1, so don't wait too long.
If you have more questions, pm me.
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I was told it would be available online through your account beginning Sept 11. But you can also call.
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Originally Posted by thaar View Post
...online through your account ...
- account? Sorry, I guess I should look harder - I'm now assuming the pass has an account related on one of the VailResorts websites. Thanks, I'm sure I'll find it. Appreciated!
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login button at the upper right to access your acct info
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You can sign up for the Breck program as an add-on to your season pass by calling 888 576-2754 and pressing 2. They gave me a number for Keystone, but it is the main number for Vail resorts (888 215-3867).
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Can't beat that.
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