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First Trax (FINALLY!)

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Well, today was that magical day. Got in about 4 hours today. Snow was great, cept for some crud. New skis and boots were very satisfactory. CAN'T WAIT FOR WEDNSDAY!!!
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Sup Zacman!!

Glad to hear about it. I just made my first run of the season (friday). Only four measly hours as well, but it tasted oh-so sweet

I am also pretty happy with my new skis, couldn't use my new boots though (got hit by a car abut two months ago and these ones are too stiff to put on, they hurt my left ankle to shove my foot into, but an old pair of really soft rossi's a size too large work alright)

Glad to hear you are getting the season going strong, us midwesterners always to wait a little bit in respect to all you lucky people living out West or East!
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We still dont have snow, so take some turns for me, and tell me how I did. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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