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Boot Fitter Professional's Forum

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EpicSki has hosted a Boot Fitter Forum for the past year. This is a private forum available to enrolled Boot Fitter Forum members. We would like to expand the group with interested members. If you are a professional involved with boot fitting, alignment, pedorthic footwear, podiatry, boot retail sales, manufacturing, distribution, or share similar professional interests, please contact either myself, or Bud Heishman by private message with your boot affiliation and interest in joining the group.

The forum now includes professionals from all over the world with backgrounds ranging from small retail shops to pros working with sponsors and athletes on the World Cup tour. The conversations are technical and let pros compare notes in how they achieve fit and alignment to enable an athlete to maximize performance, and even how physical conditioning can minimize the need for prescriptive alignment changes in the boots. I'm looking forward to being able to share some of the forum discussion results in the public forums soon.

Later this year, the boot professionals will host an answer forum that will be visible to all the membership. Boot fitting, selection and similar questions will be fielded by the group. We expect this will replace the Jeff Bergeron threads from past years, and distribute the questions among more pros, including Jeff. For qualifications to join the forum, please consider the following:

Originally Posted by bud heishman
I believe members should have a strong background in his/her field whether boot fitting or coaching/teaching. We want people who can make worthwhile contributions and ideas and demonstrate strong communication skills. Perhaps applicants would submit their skiing and fitting background and why they would like to join our forum. The submissions could be reviewed by current members and given a yeah or ney.

The objective is still the same, to be able to freely share ideas, test theories, challenge current thinking, without distractions or others seeing more private conversations which may make some members feel guarded in posting their real thoughts.
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Should be neat to "listen" as you guys banter back in forth in boot fitting lingo! Look forward to accessing it (if we observers can...).
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The boot fitters forum is private to encourage technical discussion and allow things to be debated without any risk to business reputations. The results of thread discussions could be shared in the public forums from time to time. The answer forum will be where the members can interact this winter.
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Pm sent Cirquerider. I think this is a great idea.
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From one who has funky feet and has to drive many hours to get to a good bootfitter. I feel that this is going to be an excellent forum.
I've read and reread the Jeff Bergeron threads, and I'm looking forward to even more insight on boots and bootfitting.
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The Boot Professional's Forum is in full swing now, and we have just created the Ask the Boot Guys forum, which has all the Jeff Bergeron threads for easy reference. The new forum allows members to post questions to the pros. Only the EpicSki Boot Pros are able to reply to threads, however the original poster can follow up in his own thread. This will be an interesting way to obtain advise and multiple opinions from top level pros without overloading one volunteer member. Already looks interesting. Be sure to show the guys your appreciation here if you are reading along.
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