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Mojo90 or Snoop?

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Anyone ridden these 2 skis care to offer a comparison? They have very similar dimensions. I've skied the Mojo90's but not the Snoops.
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pm philpug. he hasn't skied the mojo90 though. They are farily different skis though.
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Highly rated by SierraJim.

Do a search.

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If you skied the mojo90, I think you will find it much more turny and a wider envelope of overall performance than the Atomic. For Steamboat, which does have huge open bowls like Alta or J-hole, I find it a fantastic near one quiver ski. Very nimble and fun, great in bumps and trees, good float and still stiff enough to carve with.
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pulled trigger on some snoops w neox bindings for $207 hard to go wrong @ that price
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Can't resist that one for sure! Good job, enjoy, Those are great skis.
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