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Salomon Equipe 8.0

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I happened to be at the Salvation Army in Birmingham Alabama looking for junk and happened to come across a pair of Salomon Equipe 8.0 ski boots in size 26.5. I wear a size 26.5. I paid $2.00 for them! These things are in almost new condition and are alot more comfortable than the Langes I currently wear. I have tried to find some specifications/what type of skier they are designed for on he internet and I have not had any luck finding anything on them. These boots look completely modern but you can tell by the styling of them that they came out 4+ years ago. Does anyone know anything about the Salomom Equipe 8.0 ski boot? Such as what year did they come out and what type of skier they are designed for? I'm going to by buying a pair of Rossignol B3 Bandits and was wondering if I would be crazy pairing these things with those skis since they are designed for beginners or racers or something.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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father of the X wave boot. mid to large volume, 10 years old, med flex
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