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Holy Crap: Attic Find

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So my family has been in our house for 20 years, and Ive been skiing for 14 years. And only today did my mother decide to mention that there are 2 really old pairs of skis in the attic, and have been there since we moved in, belonging to the previous owner. So up I went to find some relic Kneissl straight skiis. The red pair is 180cm and the yellow is 190 cm. Has anyone seen these things before? The red pair has a silver wax like substance on the bases. Is this super old wax?

I dont know if im gonna mount them up or not
i know the pics are huge, I didnt realize i had my camera on mega huge pic size

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Back in the day (early 70's), the White Star was the top-o-the-line (luxury skis), the red star was the sport model. then came the blue star, then the white wing.

I had White Wings in, oh, about '69-'70. I wanted Red Sars but couldn' afford them at the time (high scool student). when I finally did come into the $, I bought some Rossi Strto 102's instead.

Worth putting bindings on? I don't think so.

Oh, and the RS stands for Reisenslalow (GS).
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The silver wax is for spring wet snow conditions. Toko used to make it, I think they still might.

I don't know about the MC GLMs, but I used to ski MC 1600s which were a intermediate ski. Nothing special.
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The GLM on the shorter ski is probably from the "Graduated Length Method". You started on a shorter ski and worked your way up.
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Your deck needs stained.
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I found an old box of Powder Magazines from the mid 90's up in the attic a few months ago...Some real good reading.
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I went from a pair of Red Stars to the Rossi Strato 102's and what differnce! Those Red Stars were like skiing on 2X4's. You really had to work 'em hard.
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Neither pair is worth skiing, they are wall hangers at best. Find a set of Cubcos mount them on the GLMs and put them on the wall. Put a set of Look Nevadas on the Kneissls. You might try skiing on the Kneissls on a hard snow day, but only to convice yourself of how far skis have advanced. The GLMs are a beginner ski and will ski absolutely horrible. They weren't very good when new and won't have improved with age.
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