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Waa. It's been dumping and I haven't skied yet!

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But damn, the boarding has been awesome. I just love it when the first few days of a season are spent on a board because of all the fresh snow.

While most of Tahoe was on wind hold this past weekend good old trusty Mt Rose, a mere 30 minutes from home, was up and running with close to 20 inches new both Saturday and Sunday. Yes it was windy and stormy but too far for the Flatlanders to travel and too windy for most people. But that untracked from 1 to 4 off of the high speed 6-pak both days was mighty sweet!!

Snow base is already greater than it was all of last season. For the 2001-02 water year Reno has already exceeded total precip for last season. It's all happened in since Thanksgiving

It's dumping now. My guess is that 48 hour snow totals at Kirkwood and Sugarbowl will be 50 -60 inches by the time we wake up on the 3rd. Kirkwood should have a 100 inch base by Wednesday. Looks like the rock skis will never get used this season. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It was just too awesome. It was pouring like crazy in the south bay all night and Sunday morning. I can't wait to use my Kirkwood pass for the first time next Friday, and I'm not even in shape yet. I guess mother nature picked up ski as a new sport this year. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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d-dawg, got to hand it to you for being able to stay our two straight days on top of that mountain which sticks up there like a sore thumb. You've got to have your storm skiing gear down.

It's 8:45pm Sunday 12-02. When it started snowing at Caples Lake at 8000 (less than 3 miles from KW) at 1am Saturday the below gauge was at 8.95 inches of water precip. Now it is 12.09 inches or 3.14 inches which is over 30 inches of snow. The KW base at 7800 usually gets a bit more than Caples and the upper ridge nearly double that. Satellite shows there is really juicy band of build ups over the Pacific still which just needs to sag south just a little more to really continue dump on Tahoe for the next 12 hours or so. Could be even more epic as the 8k temps are low twenties and teens now. That will of course potentially make getting to and opening up terrain at most resorts very iffy.

Tuesday may be the better bet. At Tahoe resorts December is typically empty as people are doing their Christmas stuff. (not me heh heh!) I'll open up my skiing at KW next Saturday and with what now looks like the best December in a few years. Enjoy the poofs.

Oh yeah, I just won the ebay bid today at $257 on some hardly scratched used Chubbs. -dave
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Morning now Monday 12-3, KW finally made a report at 06:10am. Says they be closed today. Caples gauge added nearly another inch of precip since 8pm last night. KW storm total 66", last 24 hrs 42", base 70-96", season 143". Ought to be blasting all day. -dave
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Man you're more anal than me when it comes to weather websites. I was more impressed with the Ward Mt. data which is the top of Alpine Meadows.
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