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Looking at some new gear but what?

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Hey all, new to the forum. Anyway, Its August and I'm getting pumped for ski season. Pretty much getting all new gear this year as I busted my skis and broke buckles in my boots last year in a vicious crash that left me with a broken leg. Anyway, long story short, need new skis and boots but there is a lot of gear out there. I've narrowed it down to a few different skis but need some input from people who have skied them. All the gear will be the 06/07 (cheap overstock!!!)

Hieght: 6 ft
Weight: 160
level: 8-9
Ski in BC/AB Rockies (Sunshine (Delerium Dive, Wild West etc), Lake louise (Backbowls), Kicking Horse, Fernie, etc.

Dynastar legend 8800 or pro (are the 8800 enough ski or are the pros too much?)

Rossignol B-squad (not the pro, maybe in the 17x length) or Scratch BC (stiff enough?)

Head Mojo 90 or Supermojo 105 (are the 90 good at high speed, and are the supermojo versatile enough for everyday?)

What I'm looking for is something I can ski all the time but have stability at speed and good float but still maneuverable in tight trees and bumps. I think the speed and float are more important though... (although avoiding trees is always a good thing )

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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Some suggestions from a 5'11", 180lb, prolly 6-8 "hacker":

AK King Salmon (only comes in a 180, but since you're lighter than me it should be fine) - Good, stiff ski that I found to be much more versatile than the Mantra, which has similar dimensions

Blizzard Titan 9 - comes in 181 and 188. Good, stiffy that is nimble and quick

Lib Tech NAS - comes in 188. I can't personally comment on these as I just bought a pair and won't get on them until this season. But they're supposed to have great edge hold and decent enough float. I'm setting mine up as an AT/BC pair (the guy at the shop I purchased them from thought that was a great idea, too...he's been riding them for the past season and loved 'em in the chutes at Alta).
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Dookey67 thanks for the input. I haven't considered any of those suggestions and they definitely intrique me. Unfortunately I don't think they'll be easy to find cheap on discount websites or ski shops with overstock (I'm a grad student on a budget).

Also, thought I'd edit my previous info given and try to give a bit more:

After reading the ski level thread I'd put myself as a level 10 skier not 8-9 (Although I think a level 10 means you should be pro and hucking 30footers).

I like to ski fast and charge hard. I prefer to make fewer than more turns and obviously my favorite conditions are deep powder in steep chutes. Unfortunately I don't get out as much as I'd like so these ideal conditions aren't always around when I'm out so I need something that will be reasonably good in variable conditions but awesome in pow, steeps, and make chunky crud explode! My last pair of skis were B3 and I found them soft, floppy, unstable at high speed, and pretty much horrible in crud and ice (good in soft snow, bumps and trees though).

Looking forward to your input guys!!!

And don't forget... ski season is only 3 mnths away!!!
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You could throw a dart at the list you posted and not make a bad choice. Like Dookey I [heart] my Titan Nines and really do not want to give them up.
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I have the 8800 in a 178 and I'm 6'2" 175 with gear and I love them for everything that SuCo has to offer. In steep chutes they are extremely nimble, easy to throw around, and light enough to make effortless jump turns. They float me well in powder, easy enough in bumps, and are money in the trees. My only gripe with them is that they are a touch to short for me when I really feel like hauling through the mank and crud.

That being said I have a pair of LP's on the way, but I am going to have a tough time parting with my 8800s.

If you really are the skier you say you are, get LPs. If not, get the 8800 because it is so easy and effortless to ski.
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Also consider the Fischer Auta.

Length: 186cm
Sidecut: 129-96-119mm
Turn Radius: 22m


A review can be found here: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...highlight=Atua

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Wowzers.......a real L-10.............

Get the LP's and hope that you are good as you think you are.

BTW....your skiing level has zippo to do with hucking cliffs. That sort of thing has much more to do with the condition of your gray matter (or lack of same)

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Easy guys, easy, if you noticed in my last post, I don't really think I'm a 10 I'm basing that on the "ski level guide" that apparently we're supposed to refer to when saying what level we are on this forum. Personally I think that ranking is a little flawed in itself. When I think of all the people I've had the pleasure to ski with living all over BC including Whistler, the Kootenays and now in AB, compared to many of them I'd be like a 6 or 7. But based on that threads classification (see post #8) I would best describe as a 10 since I'm pretty comfortable in "double blacks", bowls, powder etc and seek out the more challenging terrain that resorts have to offer.

So far I'm finding all the feedback really helpful, thanks alot guys. I'm definetly leaning towards th LP's, those who ski them are pretty religious about them. I'm just curious if anyone has skied the LP's as well as the Mojo and Supermojo , I've tried those of a friends and I do like them, although I found I was a bit to light for his Supermojo 105 in the 191 length, pretty beefy ski, but man are they fun.

cheers guys...
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