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Twin tip question

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Ok so I am in the market for a pair of twin tip skis. I am an intermediate/advanced skier. This will be my first pair of "twips" I do not want just a park ski either. I have read other threads and got the basic idea of the all mountain twin tip. So here are my stats please give me some recomendations 25/m 215lbs 6'3 Intermediate/advanced skier. Help me out guys. Thanks in advance.

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PE's, Superchargers are two that come to mind.
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I have a pair of previously drilled 2005/2006 Armada AR5's in a 176cm length (they are physically about 3cm longer than the 2005/2006 177cm Volkl Mantra leading me to believe that Volkl went by tip to tail length and Armada measures by actual contact length).

Not sure if this would be too short for you, but they're a good ski and I'm looking to unload them.

Damn, looks like I should copyright "twips" before it becomes an everyday word (I can up with that after a few beers at the Mammoth Maggot gathering last April...it just kind of slurred out during an apres ski conversation about twin tips).

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What size would you suggest Phil?? Right now I ski a 175 Volkl 5*
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180 +/- depending on what and where you are gonna ski them
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size em up thou..........you can lose 10-13 cm on a twin tip to the tail....
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Any good/bad on the Line Prophet 80?? Supercharger looks like it may be good too.
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