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I need Backyard Ski Areas

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Hey guys, I wish i would have found this forum years ago! I am collecting backyard and private ski areas on a website and am hoping to find a few here that I can feature as the "Backyard Ski Hill of the Week." My hill has about 100ft vertical and is about 350ft long. I also have a home made lift..more here...

I am really looking to feature hills that actually have a lift and are more than a 10ft long with 3 inches of vertical Something that can actually be skied and is skied on a regular basis. No website is required, I'd just like to get some pictures and info on your hill. Shoot me a PM on this site and we'll hook up e-mail.

I am looking forward to becoming a part of the skiing community here!
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Here's a backyard half pipe from BushwhackerinPA. Well ,maybe a quarter pipe but all in all pretty darn cool.
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Backyard? That is a ski area correct? I can see the snow making towers. Where is it, Bushwhacker is the name?
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That's Seven Springs. Buchwacker is the guy skiing it.

Travis, welcome to Epic. I've linked to your website from DCSki. Yours is the only backyard ski hill I know of, but I remember a Warren Miller film that featured a backyard with a rope tow in it. Also, in another film, he featured two brothers out in the midwest who build jumps in a cornfield. Probably some people on this board have backcountry access out of their back door.
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Telerod15, I am sure there are more than we all think out there, if not, I know there are many who dream of having their own hill.

I have at least 4 right now to be featured over the next few weeks. They actually have lifts and a few have snowmaking.

Thanks for the reply!
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If you are good with the search engine here on Epic, there was a kid a few years back who had his own hill with snow making and tow. He even had a link to his personal web page.
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You guys have got to check out this week's "Backyard Ski area of the Week." They put my hill to shame with their Summit Express and snowmaking.
Here is the link to the review

I am still searching for more ski areas to add to the list! Contact me if you have one
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Skiing at home---- Great website...keep em coming. Are you making snow or does your area get enough in Wva.
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On my hill here in VA, I actually am able to "farm" the snow using snowfence. It works really well because there are no trees on the hill and the snow drifts well.

I do have 1 snow maker that is like a combo gun, such as the HKD's you see on the mountain. It uses a pressure washer and air compressor. It is cool to look at but I need a bigger water pump and air compressor to really make things white.

My elevation is near 3000ft so it helps squeeze out anything left when we get a good trajectory of lake effect snow coming off of the great lakes. (yes, lake effect snow makes it this far south during strong NW wind flows)
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OK, so I have found an AWESOME backyard ski area in MA that is unbelieveable and will be next week's "Backyard Ski Area of the Week!

This guy has not only a working lift, but a turn key snowmaking system in his garage that has aftercoolers and everything.

There are even snowmaking hydrants on his lie! I will be writing a full review on Monday and have posted a picture of the massive snowmaking on the site:

Don't be intimidated, if you have a hill that you hit up in the winter, let me know and add your hill to the list of backyard hills! Just send me some pictures! Let's see how many weeks I can keep this up....the reserves are getting low.....
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Here is a picture of this weeks "Backyard Ski Area of the Week"

If you have a backyard area, contact me and share what you got!
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Wow. Something about those stars that say "beachfront". Has that guy got backyard surfing, too?

I wouldn't make snow like that for my personal use. It seems extremely hostile to the planet, if you know what I mean, global warming and all that.
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I would make it *and do* , just think of the cooling and radational reflection...

Oh, and ask China about being hostile....this is nothing!
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You didn't answer my question.

Radiational reflection!

China?? The largest population in the world contributes more to global warming than you. That should make you very proud. Maybe you could sell them some carbon credits.
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The surfing part, I am not sure truly if that is the ocean or a bay....I'll have to check, but who ever wants to go surfing after skiing is a brave man!
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I wasn't thinking the same day, but I think New England surfers do surf in icy water sometimes. I don't surf, just wondering if it was on the water.

As far as the snowmaking, a case of the pot calling the kettle black, I've spent more time on man-made snow than just about anyone. Now I'm not sure about the climates but it seemed that the scale and location of your snowmaking operation made more sense. I've never been on a northern beach in winter but for some reason I think of southwestern Va. havinging a more snow friendly winter climate than coastal Mass. Anyway I hope you will be sensible with it, keeping an eye on the 11 day forecast, for the sake of your electric bill as well as the enviromental impact. Think snow and if that doesn't work, blow your own!
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I can't afford to put in a full blown system like this weeks ski hill, nor could I provide enough water or electricity at this time without adding another breaker box and running more copper wire (which is expensive)

I actually use snow fence to "farm" the snow and let me tell you, it drifts quite well!
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