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1st trip help!

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We are a family of 4 living in Florida. I grew up in western Mass, I was on the ski team in high school and recreationally skied for years. I am 41 and havent been on skis in 20 years although I do participate in extreme sports. My wife has never skied nor has my 7 year old son and 2 year old son.

I am looking for a family friendly resort in the Colorado area that will have great lodging that is ski in/out. The quality of the lodging is just as important to us as the skiing. I am also wanting to have the best ski school possible for my 7 year old and wife (my self also...). We are not above hiring a pro for the day either.

I have been told that Snowmass would be the best by some local friends but I would really like some input from the people that are there on a more regular basis. Cost is not necessarily as big as a factor but I am also not looking to waste money either. In other words, I want our first trip to be spectacular!! Give me some input if you can. TIA

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Snowmass will be perfect for your family. It has a ton of gentle terrain, a great ski school and some really good restaurants. It was the first resort out west I ever skied and I ended up moving there, I liked it so much.
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Any suggestions on lodging??? Like to keep it under $800 per nt.
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My buddy is the GM of the Crestwood. It's an older complex, but well maintained, very well run and offers a lot of service. The only problem is it is across the slopes from the ski school for your little ones. But they have a bunch of vans and they will run you over and back with just a couple of minutes notice. They will also pick you up at the airport, no charge.
Check them out on the web and see what you think. I was in property management when I lived there, so I am pretty familiar with most of the projects, if you have any questions.
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i would look at either breckenridge or beaver creek. breckenridge is great fro kids, ahs a great ski town feel and theres a good amount of ski in, ski out to choose from.
if you want spectacular, i'd go with bever creek. you can get stuff there for under $800 and almost everthing is ski in ski out there, great for kids and vail is right next door.
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I vote for Snowmass too. It has the most ski in/out of any place in CO. You will get crowds at anything close to the Front Range. Excellent ski school.

Crestwood is good. I've stayed at Stonebridge too when I've been with family.
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I have to give my nod to Snowmass; first class ski school, true ski in/ski out,
tons of other activities for all members of the family in case skiing isn't their thing. We have stayed at Timberline over 6 times, click off right at your door.
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