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Help my skiing spirit

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I have bad news for myself that I need to share with you bears:
My ski season IS OVER. Due to job assignments , I have no chance of hitting the mountains again this season. I am kinda` down...
The season died young, just 12 days for ski accounted for. That is what happens when you live in a big plain flat city.This is life, I ll have to wait till next year
Just to show you a glimpse of what I missed and to make you have a brief picture of my home mountains:

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ February 26, 2002 12:37 AM: Message edited 3 times, by Danone ]</font>
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I share your pain. As a kiwi living in London I know all about deprivation. Prior to 2000 when I arrived here I had been doing 40-45 days a season for over 10 years as a weekend warrior with winters in Canada and the US thrown in....but for the last 2 years - nothing. True this is self imposed, but not a day goes by that I don't yearn for the snow. 2003 will be my return.

Good luck for the summer.
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Danone, I only got in 1 week this season, instead of my usual 3-4, so, I quit my job, and went to work for a company that will let me go skiing next year.

If you can't ski, talk! (I mean, look at my posts on this place) If it wasn't for everyone here keeping me enjoying the skiing by proxy, I think I'd have gone mad by now.

But, maybe I have :

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I got in about 4 days this season...I share your pain too.

on the bright (?) side, not sure about your weather there, but if you have to miss a season here, this one would be it....hasn't been very good anyway.
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So sorry, Danone. What mountains are those, BTW? My mother is from Transylvania, near the Carpathians. I may have been to your ski mountain when I visited the region as a kid.
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Bad Rat:
These are the Carpathians all right, the Bucegi Massive more precisely. On the snowy plateau there(you can see just its eastern edge) there are some of the highest slopes.
The picture its taken standing on a smaller massive , which is higly skiable (Clabucet).

The biger picture shows rocks from the western side of Bucegi.
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Danone, it's been a bad season for nearly everyone, so, look forward to next year!
It can only get better!
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Danone there is this international footware company called Nike. Theri sloganis "JUST DO IT!" Suggest South America this summer or US/Canadian rockies next year, or perhaps, if stil possible summer glacial skiing in the Alps.
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I work for nike on the winter end and all I can say is dont belive a damn word that company say in regard to snow sports.( can we as skiers really afford to???) And this bummer of winter has even affected my work with them.
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I feel you pain...

Last year I couldn't ski at all because I was pregnant, this year TIME, no snow, and unseasonlal temps is my enemy.

I have only gone twice this year and its been only this week.(first big snow fall since Dec)I just cannot stand the man made stuff.

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If man can't move the mountain, move the man to the mountain! My sincerest wishes that the 2002/3 season shapes up brighter with powder filled daze. Hoping next season finds you living/working slopeside. Life is too short to grind away in the salt mine....
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