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Squaw For A Week???

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I did my first western ski trip last year. Went to Utah and it was awesome.

Think I want to go someplace different and I can't get Squaw out of my mind.

Would it be a blast to be there for 5 days of skiing first week of March??

Any cost comparisons between say Jackson Hole, Squaw or Snowbird for 6 or 7 nights?? I'm talking stay at the resort for a week. Really get to know the place.

How is the nightlife at Squaw village??
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It's a very good place to spend a week, and March is typically a very good time to do so.

Nightlife at the base village is the usual fabricated Interwest slop. For a more organic experience, you need to hit Tahoe City or Truckee.

Cost comparisons are easy enough to do. Tickets are pretty obvious (but check out www.slidingonthecheap.com for hints). As for lodging at the base, the best deals will probably be at Squaw Valley Lodge if you need a larger space or either there or PlumpJack if you're looking for something more like a standard hotel room (PlumpJack also has the best restaurant in the immediate vicinity). For SVL, join their Granite Chief Club on the website. Sometimes you can get a decent package deal through Squaw's central reservations, too.
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Also consider the Granlibakken Resort for accommodations just outside Tahoe City. This was used for ESA and had excellent package rates for hotel and tickets. I understand shuttles are available to Squaw and Alpine Meadows. Speaking of which, a day or two at Alpine Meadows is worthwhile for the laid back vibe and great skiing.
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I second what CR says about Granlibakken. That was the first place we stayed in North Lake. Very reasonable, great buffet breakfast, shuttles to the hills. (And as you might guess from my handle, I think it's a pretty good place to ski.)

Downsides: No dinner or nightlife options on premises (at least when I was there four or five years ago), so despite the shuttles, you're kinda screwed without a car.

One other thing to think about, especially if you're thinking about skiing both Squaw and Alpine (they're adjacent valleys) and since it sounds like nightlife is a significant concern for you, would be staying in Tahoe City at a location served by shuttles.

In any event, I believe that there's a shuttle from the base of Squaw to Alpine, in case you want to mix it up for a day or two.

Tangent: It won't matter for this season, obviously, but there are rumors that the guy who owns the 400 or so acres that separate Squaw and Alpine, and who recently built his own private chairlift on it, has been talking to the new owner of Alpine about selling or leasing his land for use as an interconnect.
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Squaw's a blast, I always have fun there. I normally try to stay as close to the slopes as possible. But I have found that I really like Tahoe City and the drive to the slopes is pretty short. Lots of nightlife in TC.
I would think that lodging in TC is slightly higher than the town of Jackson or SLC. The lodging at the resorts are probably pretty comparable.
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Thanks for the replies.......

I love planning and dreaming!!

More thoughts??.......
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no help on what to do, as i stay at south lake; but look into skiing alpine meadows too. it's definitely worth it and its a free shuttle ride over. there is 5 days of skiing at squaw, but i'd wouldnt skip alpine if i was in the neighborhood.
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I would surely ski Alpine Meadows for a day.

I would also like to ski Sugarbowl and Kirkwood, it's just that I've got Squaw on the brain and I have never skied one resort for a week straight.
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