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Treble Cone Monday 20 August

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If there are any bears at Treble Cone NZ on Monday 20th, and want to do a few runs, meet at the outside fireplace on the deck, Monday 10am .

I think there are going to be a few about then - FZ1 if he decides to skip Hutt and stay at TC for an extra day or two. And Andrew R is about, and maybe Dean might want to join us? The rookie boss must be able to take some time out? and I think I saw a posting that hints at mike_m over our way (mike we met at snowbird in 2004, you video'ed our group).

I am the '40 something' year old blonde with black helmet, grey jacket, black pants, with a guy in brown jacket and black pants. Not very distinquishable clothing.

Adrian and I are going be skiing mainly TC for a week from Sunday.
If you can't make it then, you might see us coming and going next week, look out for the oldest scruffiest car in shareholder car park (front two rows by ticket office, quite visible from cafe and deck) , 92 red subaru sedan with roofbox.
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Hi, Julie!

I remember you well! I arrived at Wanaka yesterday and skied Treble Cone for the first time today. Nice mountain! The Academy group skies Mondays through Fridays, but maybe we can get together on a weekend. If you want to say hello, we'll be in the cafeteria Monday morning about 8:30.

All the best!
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Mike - wow that was quick, I went for coffee and you had replied.

Welcome to NZ. We will be up the mountain this Sunday too. Is Adrian's first day on skis this season, so that is why I suggested Monday, let him ease into it. But we could catch up Sunday as well if you are up the hill. If you need a ride let me know, cause if you are associated with the academy then you might not have transport on an 'off day', and I drive by where the rookies are staying to go up the hill, I stay only a few hundred metres away. I can check my PM's in the evenings. Will PM you a phone number.

Otherwise just look out for us in the cafe, we take a few coffee stops during the day. Don't think we have changed too much :-)

Glad to hear you like my home mountain, is by way the best out of the commerical areas.
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TC,NZ and the Julie posse!

Hey girl, it looks like I made the wrong decision a few weeks ago when it looked like it might not be a good snow season. I'm hoping to be there next year and mayby, if I'm lucky, I'll get to ski a couple of runs with you and yours. I copied all the information that you and others gave me so I'll have a handle on it next year and I surely appreciate all the help that everybody offered.
Ciao, my babies!
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The season has just come right for Otago, but the Canterbury areas are having a lean time. We do seem to alternate between good years and bad years, sometimes the snow is late and sometimes early. We just have to make the most of what Mother Nature gives us. Maybe next year we can do some runs
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