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Giro G10 MX?

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I need to buy a new helmet this year and so far this is the one that is most appealing to me. I like the look of it, and how light it feels on my head, Does anyone have any personal experience with this model and if so and pro's / cons you could share would be nice..

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I bought one this summer.

haven't used it yet.

A little concerned about the fit.

I bought a L based on my head size and what I had tried in the shop.

My problem is that M are too tight and L are just a wee bit big (minimal play, but I can see more play over the course of the season once the pads break in).

I also bought a Sweet Trooper. Same problem, though. The M barely fit my head and gave me a headache in the shop. The large, once the extra fit pads were inserted, was snug, but still a little play.

We shall see come November.
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I'm gonna be heading out tomorrow, would like to try and hear some thoughts and concerns on this helmet before I go shopping,

Thanks in advance!
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I used one all of last season. Love it. Very light and unobtrusive. If you take your goggles off frequently, the visor can be a hassle. I love the adjustable vents and have found it to be very warm but adaptable to very cold and warm conditions. I would definitely replace it with another one if I needed to. Bottom line - great helmet, but only if it truly fits you.
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