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Help with Ski Safari in France

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I would like to go on a guided ski safari with a buddy of mine in March. we are both advanced skiers.

Ideally I would like to spend 2 full days in chamonix(v Blanche and Gran montets), another 3,4 days skiing in 3 Valleys, Val D'Isere.

I would like to stay in 3* hotels and possibily have our luggage transported to the next hotel - while we ski over there.

are there any companies that offer this kind of Guiding/Service. I don't mind being part of a bigger group.

thx in advance
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Sounds like a great holiday I haven't heard of anyone doing exactly that but I'm sure it could be arranged. I'll let you know if anything springs to mind...

If you wanted to do a lot of off-piste , you might want to spend more time in Chamonix, less in Val d'Isere?
Or what about maybe doing the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt? Plenty of companies offer this...
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Contact Stage Vallencent at Chamonix for dates and prices.

There are quite a few more, inquire with the tourist offices at the destination desired.
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These are 4 companies in europe that do ski safaris. You can look at their web sites for where they go. The first 3 on the list I can vouch for as very good.
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Two quick notes on your trip:
1. Two days in Cham/Three in the Trois Vals is not that much. I'd stick to one or the other myself. The valleys, in particular, are so vast that you risk leaving without having a sense of having really skied the place if you only do three days.
2. As far as skiing from resort to resort, you don't mean from Chamonix to the Trois Vals, do you? I assume you'd need like a full week to do that, if it's even doable. But if you're talking about skiing from town to town in the Trois Vallees, there's no need to pick up stakes every night. Just choose one of the villages (La Tania, for example) and use it as a base. You can get everywhere and back within the day.
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