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Vague or should that be open ended ... one of those trick psychological job interview type questions - "so tell me about yourself" - just to see how you handle it
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Originally Posted by Harry_Morgan View Post
So far, you're the only one who wanted to wave it around that your longest run was "more special" than someone else's.
: Oh wait - you're right. Some 10 minute run down Superior is waaay more special than some of the huge routes in the Alps which have been discussed.:

I was merely suggesting some parameters. I mean, so far we've got people including bus shuttles in thier runs. This isn't 'Nam, Smokey, there are rules.
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Originally Posted by Gpaul View Post
"Longest run in Whistler is 11km with 1609m vertical."

Would that be the longest in USA, Canada?
It might be now. Revelstoke is supposed to have 6000' vertical lift-served in a two years. (I'm sure someone will correct us if we are wrong....)
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From the Signalkuppe Summit of the Monte Rosa to Zermatt (yes there was about 100 meters of uphill) for a total of 9,645 vertical feet of skiing over about 16 kilometers. Also skied the Vallee Blanche all the way into town.
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Heli-skiing out of Verbier, 1999- the year of the "century snowfall" - 7500 vertical feet. 2 runs took us the better part of a day.
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Excue me for getting a little off topic but...

RE: longest gondola (six person) in the world is reputed to be at Naeba Mountain in Niigata Prefecture, Japan...is it true? It is call the Dragon Gondola. http://www.princehotels.co.jp/ski/na...la/winter.html

I've ridden it many time now...you literally can take a nap on that gondola and if you don't time it right, you won't make it back to your lodgings via lifts if you don't time your return ride efficiently... hahahahaha.
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Longest run in South America

El Golf Alto 11Km


Take your pick of these as well in The Arlberg

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Never had a chance to ski the Vallée blanche down to Chamonix. I skied the 17 kms "short" run.
Other than that, La Sarenne run in l'Alpes d'Huez. 10 miles long. (Longuest marked run.)
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try summit Mont Fort (3330m) in Verbier (switzerland) down to Le Chable (831m). can't remember the distance but it felt long
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