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Any plans yet?

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How many of you have already begun to make your ski trip reservations? And where are you going?

I have been discussing it with my group, but no reservations as of yet, but this year is looking to be a Stratton New Year vaca. for us.
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Solitude in March with the Divas, weekend trips to Vermont and my annual MRG Boyz Trip. Shooting for 25 days again.
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Colorado in Jan, Tahoe most of the season, Mammoth as I can, still want to get to Whistler.
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Nov 20 - Vail or most snow in Colorado
Dec 23 - Park City/DV/Alta
Jan - Off
Feb - Jackson Hole
March - Stowe
April - off
May - Whislter

10 days over xmas,,,, the rest will be 5 day trips...

Only Whister is not booked.... I cant wait...
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My trip plans: Every weekend at Mt. Baker, with a whole lot of backcountry thrown in.

Last season I skied one day on Blackcomb; the rest were at Baker or hiking. I expect to get away at least that much this season.
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NO. I never plan.
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Dec Whistler = booked and paid
Jan - Steamboat / Vail with wife - booked and paid
Feb - Utah (primarily Snowbasin and Powder Mtn) with kids - booked / paid
March - Either Utah of Whistler - tbd.
April - Utah
May - Whistler

05-06 season - 9 days in VT
06-07 season - 5 days in VT
07-08 season - 0 days in VT? Wishful thinking?
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Is that like when you get your season pass online, knowing you will pick it up the first day the mountain is open?
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Beside my season pass, the only plans I have are 10 days in interior BC. Wherever has the best snow during those ten days is where I will be. The best plan is an open plan.
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10 day in La Clusaz and Chamonix over Christmas and New Years (only trip booked)

Probably do Easter in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Possible weekend trip to Switzerland in March

Weekend trips to Altenberg, Oberhof, maybe Oberweisenthal (small areas in east/central Germany)
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2007 - Snowbird with the locals in November (conditions permitting) & Steamboat with Finndog and the gang in December. Might also get in a few days in the Alps in December while visiting the In-laws in Italy for Xmass.

2008 - Aspen, MRG & Stowe, Whistler, Banff, Tahoe, Mt Bachelor... but I only plan 2 weeks in advance based on conditions.

Have skis, will travel

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As many days as we can get in. Looks like a week in Stowe in January and a week in Utah in March. And we'll try to get a few weekend trips in as well.
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The only trip I have planned right now is a week at Solitude in March with the Divas (of course!). The rest of the season will be my usual weekday skiing in VT.
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K-mart on weekends mixed in with a taste of Vt. - Sugarbush, Stowe, MR, Jay.

Whistler/Blackcomb in mid-January (still room on trip if anyone interested)
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Steamboat 12/15-27
J-hole 1/13-20
Steamboat 2/6-13
March? Whistler- Okemo
April Steamboat.

Hope to get turns in with Phil and PA/NJ/NY bears at Elk,Okemo and local mts

NO BLUE!!!!!
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all over SLC Dec. 28-31st and every 3 day weekend in tahoe that i can afford !(looks like 1 early and 1 late this year).

i'm shooting for 15 days, but it looks like 10. i once did 25 living in Houston, with 10 days vacation. where are my priorities ?
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
NO BLUE!!!!!
Another convert I see.
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Ski with VA and Flaviaman on their home turf.
Another trip to Mt Bachelor and learn dark secrets about carving with Max and hopefullly Slider and Mattitude
See if I can lure Cirquerider to SLC and hang with locals such as BushwhackerinPa

Big Sky ??Maybe.
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Snowboard every weekend in CO from the first day of the season to the last day. Some weekdays too. Mainly Winter Park, Copper, Steamboat, and Snowmass.

If I can get free plane tickets & cheap lodging - any IntraWest resort.

Any fun terrain.
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Last year I did 5 days each at Whistler and Sun Peaks. These were spread all over the entire season in one, two, or three day trips. The rest I did at Baker and Stevens Pass, my home areas.

I only had one day of really good skiing in B.C. (Whistler) but I had many, many great days in WA. I spent a lot of $ on lodging and meals and transportaion without much to show for it. Every time I came home I thought that I should have stayed here and skied my local areas.

We were riding the chair at Sun Peaks when the guy I was riding with pulled out his cell and called the Baker snow report. It was in the mid 20's there and had snowed 16" overnight. At SP there was no new and they had not had any for over a week. The snow was hard and icy.

I'm staying home this year.
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
Steamboat 12/15-27

Hope to get turns in with Phil and PA/NJ/NY bears at Elk,Okemo and local mts

NO BLUE!!!!!
Talk about a world turned upside down! Has Phil come out of the closet yet about actually doing Blue last spring? Now, he's boycotting K-ton. What's next?
Yo Phil,
Any plans for a Philly Phil Phall Phest at John Harvard's
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He was at blue, there was even a picture of him there. He's an honorable man and he kept his word. After last season, I can't "bear" to go back there. Maybe one or two days with my neighbor but that's only if I can't get them to go to Elk.
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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post
I'm staying home this year.
Last season I skied 54 days At Baker and 1 day at Whistler. No complaints.
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This year it will be lots of three day weekends in Southern VT.
The plan is to go to Lake Tahoe for vacation sometime in February or March.
My wife doesn't ski, so we have to go somewhere where she has enough to do during the day while I ski.
It can be tough finding a place that we both can have fun at. Last year we had to go to Whistler.

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Originally Posted by GarryZ View Post
Ski with VA and Flaviaman on their home turf.
Yeah, this year you need to ski the Bowl!

I'd like to make the trip to WB to ski with the Flav also. It'll take some serious paying down of my debt to make such a journey possible, but who knows, where there's a will....
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