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Expansions and Improvements for 2007--Utah

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I have been mountain biking a couple of times in the last week around Brighton and Deer Valley and noticed some improvements of which I was not previously aware. If you know of any others, please add them here.

This may be old news to many, but Brighton is replacing the old Millicent lift with a high speed quad (and removing both Milly and Evergreen). They proudly proclaim that all the terrain can now be accessed by high speed quads.

Deer Valley is putting in a new lift in the Empire Canyon area apparently named Lady Morgan Express. From a distance, you could see that they had performed quite a bit of grading work on some of the newly cut trails. The new terrain looked OK, not great. There did appear to be some good glades (again, I only saw it from a distance). When I got home, I was curious so I looked it up on their website and found the following (some of these are mildly amusing):

Deer Valley Resort will invest over $9 million in improvements for the 2007/2008 winter ski season including the following:
  • A new high-speed detachable quad chairlift, Lady Morgan Express, will be built in the Empire Canyon area. The area will include over 200 new skiable acres, 65 acres of gladed skiing and nine new runs
  • The Snow Park Lodge upper and lower decks will be replaced with heated pavers
  • New, enchanced, energy efficient heater systems will be installed in all 22 chairlift terminals
  • The installation of Snow Scan Ground Penetrating Radar, combined with a GPS system, will allow Resort staffers to determine snow depth on any part of the mountain so that grooming and snowmaking operations will be more efficient
  • New automated ski tuning machine will be installed in the Snow Park Rental Shop
  • Five snowcats will be replaced
  • 51 new snow guns, 10 of which are fan guns, three air/water guns, thirteen portable energy efficient guns and 25 fixed tower evergy efficient guns will be purchased
  • 12 Resort snowmobiles will be replaced
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The new Milly high speed lift will be really nice. Been waiting for that for a long time. The only downside, more people will head over to the lovely Milly area. But the old lift without a foot rest made it unbearable after a few runs. Hope to spend more time over there this year.
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Heading to Solitude in March, any word on what they are doing?

Also, I know it is fairly easy to ski from Brighton to Solitude, what about from Solitude to Brighton?
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Solitude apparently doesn't have anything going in the way of improvements. I talked to an operations employee in the village on Saturday who said that the next new lift is likely to be a quad with midway unloading to replace both Powderhorn and Apex.

I will defer to others on skiing between the resorts since I have never tried (except on a bike). I don't think the resorts are marketing a joint ticket however.
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